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Lack Of Knowledge About Early Life

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Despite the he contributed to the modern world as an advanced mathematician, eminent astronomer, and an excellent map creator which people recognized as an exceptional skill in his time due to his level of thinking. Ptolemy, was also known as Claudius Ptolemaeus in Latin, was born in Egyptian genius in 100 CE who was also partially Greek (Sedgewick, Jessica. ‘Ptolemy’ ). In the second century he was recognized as a genius in Alexandria. Ptolemy’s looks and family are not known very well, but his works show the achievements of Greco-Roman science, especially his geocentric model of the universe which is commonly known as the Ptolemaic system. Ptolemy was also an excellent poet in his time and created a lot wonderful writings.

Ptolemy contributed to mathematics by showing how the motion of the planets affect each position in the solar system. He used geometry to show the placement and order of the planets. Ptolemy created The Almagest which was a book that showed every planets paths with many models. He also used trigonometry to provide evidence on all his research. Ptolemy’s first justification was made in his detailed description about how he thought the earth was the center of all planets and that the universe depends highly on it. This image of the world evolved around the earth where the sphere on the stars rotate every single day, which causes each of the shapes of the sun, moon, and other planets within the universe. Geometric models were used by Ptolemy to estimate all of the placements of the sun, moon, and planets while manipulating different ways of circular movements.

This was called the epicycles. When he made this, Ptolemy describes the ways he managed to use math, while he must use it in the remaining work. Trigonometric models gave him ideas on how to make planets in the universe connect. Trigonometry connected with geometry when Ptolemy used them. Ptolemy was also an astronomer and created many mathematical modes to create a good picture of the universe in the order of the planets that he thought was correct. About 150 AD, Ptolemy recorded many of his theories in The Almagest, Planetary Hypotheses. The Ptolemaic System was named after him later on which showed the Earth was in the center of the universe and stationary. One of the first realizations he had was that his model had an abnormal movement.

He used geometry to help him measure angles to correct himself and distances for his model also guided him to success. Ptolemy wrote The Almagest. The Almagest was a great book about astronomy written 150 AD. It became an amazing tool to guide all the European and Islamic astronomers and researchers. Later on, fewer wanted the book at the start of the 17th century. He made another book later on on called Mathematike Syntaxis. The book was then translated into Arabic and then got from Arabic to Latin late in the 12th century. As time went on, the Greek writing became popular in Europe because of Hellenism, even though the Latin translations from Arabic got to be more helpful. The manual created by Ptolemy was divided into 13 sections.

The maps that Ptolemy made were based around the Hellenistic 2nd century which he put into fantastic detail. It is about the description that was within in His book which was called Geography (Sterling, David L, “Ptolemy”). Due to a lot of uncertainty about the author and the location of the book, it is credited to Agathodaemon who was from Alexandria. Important contributions of the maps that Ptolemy made happen to be the first to utilize latitudinal and longitudinal lines and also had very specific important locations by the observations he made. The Geography was put from Greek into Arabic later on in the 9th century which played a massive contribution to the writings of Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi before moving into uncertainty.

The topic of the global coordinate system was based upon a certain European geographical prediction, but that inspired many different mathematical philosophers. The work that Ptolemy put into his maps and geographic pictures happened to start out with old maps (Kerze, Michael A. ‘Ptolemy’ ). The problem is that very little has been found. Therefore, the modern form of a map was redone in Ptolemy’s drawings by different Byzantine Monks with the movement of Maximus Planudes. It most likely did not have anything to due with the old projections, due to the fact that it uses the least common of the two different map projections given from Ptolemy (Alexander Raymond Jones, “Ptolemy”).

In conclusion, Claudius Ptolemy was a famous and skilled Greco-Egyptian mathematician, astronomer, and writer. Ptolemy stayed inside of Alexandria during the Roman territory that belonged Egypt in the 2nd century and wrote many educational writings. Three of his writings were significant for the progress of Byzantine, European and Islamic scientific researchers in the centuries later on (Alexander Raymond Jones, “Ptolemy”).. A geographical work he made, that provided a great debate over the certain knowledge about the Greco-Roman days, which was taken from by the Italian explorer named Christopher Columbus because one of the maps had a path leading to Asia a few centuries after (Sedgewick, Jessica. ‘Ptolemy’ ). Very little is known regarding Ptolemy other than the knowledge about where he stayed throughout his life in Alexandria and had citizenship for Rome.

The true facts that current historians research and write about him have been concluded from the each of writer’s famous writings. A different astronomer of Ptolemy’s time, also is said to have been the author of the text written by Ptolemy called ‘Almagest’ which is an essay on the visual turns of each of the planetary paths and stars (Brummelen, Glen Van. ‘Astronomy”). Even with his amazing knowledge, his special stories are valuably taken as certain writers in the modern times think about strong doubts about sections of Ptolemy’s work in astronomy. All of these reasons made Ptolemy such a great person and lead to his phenomenal success. If Ptolemy wasn’t alive, nobody would have been able to have a basis on the solar system. Although Ptolemy’s predictions were incorrect, it took 14 years to figure out that the sun was in the center.

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