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Kraft Foods

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1. Apart from Kraft Foods itself, give two examples of other organisations that are likely to be involved in their Supply Chain (bringing goods to the final consumer). Kraft foods supply chain will include a company that does cheap but quality milk which will create Kraft’s products also the second supply chain will be a company that supply a large amount of salt which is also need for the products that Kraft creates. Packaging is also an essential for the Kraft’s company. 2. Why do you think Kraft Foods is concentrating on its Power Brands? Give two examples of Kraft Foods Power Brands. Kraft’s foods is concentrating on its power brands because these brands bring in a lot of income for the company which helps developing the Kraft’s to go global and also to have the money to do research. The two examples of the Kraft’s food power brands are Philadelphia and Dairy lea. Theses’ Company bring in a lot of spare money for the company to grow and expand; this is why the Kraft’s food concentrates on theses power brands. 3. Examine Kraft Foods Supply Chain Goal of “exceeding customer expectations in quality of product and service at lowest effective cost”. Explain how EIM is likely to help Kraft to achieve this goal?

The EIM is very likely to help because it lets the Kraft Food Company stay ahead of the game by this I mean the Enterprise Information Management helps store information about the customers and lets company like Kraft know what customer want therefore the Kraft’s company will meet the supply chain goal which is “customer expectation in quality of product”. 4. Explain how two elements of the EIM jigsaw are particularly important in creating a successful supply chain. The two elements of enterprise information management will particularly be important in creating a successful supply chain because when keeping information the supply chain will automatically will know what the Kraft’s company needs and will automatically order the suppliers for them. The second element of the enterprise information management is business intelligence this will help the supply chain know how the customer are buying and there will know how the Kraft’s company need supply. 5. How can Kraft Foods supply chain be said to provide Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)? In a dynamic business if often makes sense to start fresh when developing a budget rather than basing ideas too much on past performance. Efficient consumer response helps developing this budget for the Kraft limited and will help prevent the company from going bank robbed.

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