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Kelly’s Business

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The purpose of this paper is to identify how different factors effect on the growth of small businesses. The growth of small businesses has been influenced by factors such as growth strategy, business forms, short and medium term goals, financing assistance, organizational structure and staffing needs, customers and promotion, and ethics and social responsibility. In this paper will to discuss how the different factors alter the advancement of small businesses. Kelly’s sandwich concession has been selling sandwich and other lunch items to her customers for the past five years. Though small, her business has been a very optimistic and fast growing business. Applying different strategies to aid in the development of the business has made a very big positive impact on it. In fact it is said to be one of the best in town.

The business has developed from a small business, through using bicycle-towed concession that travels to different strategic locations in town, and currently she has got a restaurant where she can do her business from. Kelly’s Business being a small business that is still growing faces some several challenges. The particular status of the business is examined at length in this document and several problems were discovered. This paper will be based upon the details provided by the content and it is separated straight into a pair of portions. The first segment looks at a number of causes of the down sides at the moment facing this Kelly’s business. The next segment offers suggestions that could allow Kelly to be able to address the difficulties she is facing so as to make her business even better. Reasons why Kelly’s business is doing well

Kelly’s passion as well as skill for producing dependably refreshing, yummy lunchtime fare well-liked amid a company customers, largely workers as well as shoppers, has made her little business the thriving achievement. Through her skills, she has made her products popular with employees as well as other consumers. Kelly’s strategic framework

Tushman along with O’Reilly outline proper wording as about three essential elements which guide supervisors realize the particular options in addition to restrictions which lie before their particular businesses. The elements tend usually are: environmental surroundings that the business performs in, the particular sources of their resources, in addition to a history on the business. The proper wording is the critical first part of Tushman alongside O’Reilly’s congruence product. Once the proper wording is usually comprehended, strategic alternatives might be created, vital chores described, in addition to place examined among people vital chores and also the organization’s men and women, organization, in addition to lifestyle. In case which proper wording is usually changed, nevertheless, alternatives might be incorrect, vital chores away concentrate on, in addition to interactions out of alignment.

Kelly’s ideal circumstance has been through stunning improvements lately. Its aggressive surroundings, the customers, the marketplace situation, and its record are blended to change the proper framework. Kelly has used several strategies to ensure that her business is well known to the consumers. First, through her passion and talent, she has made sure that all the customers near her concession know her lunchtime menu as the best in town. She has gone further to introduce a bicycle-towed concession to reach out to the customers who are outside walking distance from her business. This strategy has made her business grow even further. Kelly has advertised her small business through facebook to ensure it reaches as many as possible.

The probability of achieving profitable growth is heightened whenever an organization has a clear growth strategy and strong execution infrastructure. The main reasons for this small success in business growth are: 1. Inadequate consideration of opportunities within the core business, adjacent to the core business or within new customer sub-segments. 2. An organizational infrastructure that cannot support successful execution. When any business develops, there is a predictable procedure of how things happen. For a business to achieve its goals and develop, there are several factors which should be taken into consideration. They include: Sales

Each time a business evolves, finding revenue is usually every little thing. The actual promoting department uses the majority of management’s efforts. There are several strategies managers can employ to increase the probability of success of a small business and Kelly being the manager of her business should take them into account.

1. Initiate a process to identify strategies with a high probability for success. They include: Increasing the particular core enterprise, increasing by sub-segmenting buyers and also increasing nearby opportunities. It is strongly recommended that the chief leaders start the procedure by considering the progress likely from the found core enterprise and/or the particular opportunities and also progress likely connected with creating revolutionary price propositions at under functioned buyer organizations. 2. Strengthen the actual performance national infrastructure Strengthening the performance of her business throughout the town and in the suburbs can make her business returns even more pleasing, using adverts and strengthening the sales and marketing team is also one of the key factors to her business success. In addition, hiring professionals, though it may be expensive for her business, in the long run can give her business a strong base to make her business a success. Business form

A business form will make sense to Kelly’s business as it is undergoing expansion. In the form she should consider all the risks involved in expansion as well as the inputs and methods used to ensure the business prospers even better in the new environments.

Financial assistance
Through the equipment Kelly is using, we notice that she has financial constraints which can be addressed to ensure that her business gains a strong market share, not only in the town but also outside. Kelly’s growth prospective will need be prepared for as well as obtaining suitable varieties of additional money, and this can be a key side to side design operating all through quite a few small enterprises. There are several sources of finances which aid in the growth of small businesses. They include but not limited to: grants from government, loans, and personal savings. 3. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AND STAFFING

The type of organizational structure that a business may use is determined by the type of business and the environment that it is in. Task allocation, supervision and coordination and goal achievement are all aspects to consider when designing an organization structure for a company. While some organizations may use hierarchical structures, smaller businesses may opt to use a more informal system. For example, Kelly’s business has the owner, Kelly, who also functions as the operations manager. As the business grows, managers may be added to supervise staff in specific areas of the business. 3.1.2. STAFFING

To determine staffing needs, businesses could use career operations to spot the particular varieties of abilities needed for each position. Period estimates as well as supplies necessary for each career ought to be described, along with the level of ability essential. Kelly’s business needs more staff as it goes through this time of upgrading and as we have noticed, she has considered hiring professional business consultant to assist her in her strategy of expanding. 4. CUSTOMERS AND PROMOTIONS

Customers are the kings in a business. For it to prosper, the managers of a certain business should make sure that the customers get value of their money as well as motivating them to be loyal to the business. For this reason the Kelly may use several promotions as incentives to the customers The promotions include

Seasonal reduction of price. This works well in motivating the buyers to buy more. Personal selling involves direct personal interactions between a potential buyer and a salesperson. Personal selling can be a powerful promotion method Advertising in business is a form of marketing communication used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience to take or continue to take some action. 5. ETHICAL ISSUES AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

5.1.1. Ethical issues
Integrity and believe in
A rudimentary perception of integrity incorporates the concept of doing your company affairs together with loyalty plus a motivation to be able to treat each consumer well. As we may notice Kelly is much sensitive to her relationship with her customers, employees and the community in general. Diversity issues

The world is a rich and diverse place full of interesting cultures and people, who should be treated with respect and from whom there is a great deal to learn. An ethical response to diversity begins with recruiting a diverse workforce, enforces equal opportunity in all training programs and is fulfilled when every employee is able to enjoy a respectful workplace environment that values their contributions. . ( HSBC Group,2011) As Kelly thinks of expanding her business outside the town, diversity is a challenge she should address through hiring people from different places to counter this issue.

Decision making issues
Honorable decision-making procedures ought to target guarding member of staff and buyer rights, ensuring most enterprise functions are generally reasonable and just, guarding the most popular excellent and ensuring personal values and morals regarding workers are generally guarded. (Santa Clara University, 2013). Kelly as we can notice is careful when dealing with her employees as they are key to the success of her business. Government compliance issues

Companies are likely to fully stick to the environmental legislation, federal government and also point out protection restrictions, fiscal and also personal exposure statutes and also just about all suitable municipal rights legislation. 5.1.2. Social responsibility

Small businesses have various social responsibilities which include: recycling of waste materials, reducing the energy consumption, establishing a foundation, volunteering in the community, offering help in global causes and collaboration with other businesses. 6. SUMMARY

There is a correlation between how growth strategies are employed in a small business and the consequent development of the business. Businesses engaging in social functions as well as practicing ethics make them grow even further. Complying with the government rules is also important in the well-being of the business.


1. The role of exports in small business growth and job creation hearing before the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, United States Senate, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, first session, August 11, 2011.. (2012). Washington: U.S. G.P.O. 2. Aaker, D. A. (1984). Developing business strategies. New York: Wiley. 3. Moon, C. (2001). Business ethics. London: Economist.

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