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Judging Good or Bad?

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Judging is something we do every day and it’s for them. No matter what people say not to judge a book by its cover is inevitable we do. First impressions always matter a lot, like the others that are leaving every day. People say you have to know people before judging but even so is it fair to judge someone? As we can see in the third book in which Emilio Emilio goes through a stage before adolescence precisely what we call puberty. The moment people go through great physical and hormonal changes. This is where Rousseau as a person learns to discern between good and evil as it is inevitable. That’s why you must learn to judge correctly according to him. However as you can know that is the right way. How do we judge as a judge? As happens in the story of the oyster and litigants de la Fontaine that put Don shyster to decide who will eat oyster and instead he eats. How to know if your judgment was correct. Who can judge as judged? Since everything is relative to how I look at everyone. The fact form a judging criterion involves an implicit way, because to form criteria have to decide if other people acted well or badly, judging bone is implicit in the formation of a criterion.

Pun. Which means it is a necessity for Human training and at this stage is when Rousseau our thinking are formed. A as I want to see is due to judge to find out if you are judging well, although it is said that you should not do. It’s something that sounds very strange but also makes sense if you think about. The thing about this is that depending on the training has been given to some people and also depends on your personal experiences. That comes to what Rousseau also says Emilio begins to judge things depending on what is useful. If you will not be something useful you to think it’s bad or just not good for you. Is when a pre-adolescent begins to discover what is important in your life for him. In the fable of Fontaine depending on each of the characters trying to judge because he oyster serious depending on their usefulness in this case would feed. With the approach of Don we realized that really useful for both litigants was the oyster shell. Sharing reached a better ending. This shows that each of the litigants was right and they judged according to what they needed yet also the Don was right.

This means that when judging you’re right if you do it as if you is helpful but other people may also be right. That’s why we should not rule out the opinions of others nothing more to think not know you and you can not judge. In conclusion I would say that judging is good in any case other than that necessary. Many people say that is wrong without knowing but to start learning is needed to judge. Since judging is inevitable. The problem in any case is not to judge, rather not accept and respect the ideas of others; how you judge. If people hear more what other people think, with the right attitude can become constructive criticism of the person doing so much better. Talking about an opinion that can make you reach a common good and has a better situation for everyone involved.

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