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A Journey’s End by R C Sherriff

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‘A Journey’s End’ the phenomenal play was written by R. C. Sherriff. R. C. Sherriff”s opinion about war is that war is futile, but he has more than one opinion like that war is irrational and bloodshed. In this essay I’m going to discuss how R. C. Sherriff manages to describe the horrific effects of war on different soldiers like Stanhope, Raleigh and Hibbert. The soldier who is most emotionally affected by war is Stanhope; this was obvious when he drinks whisky to escape not just from his fears but from everything like the death of Osborne.

When Raleigh arrived at “C” company Sherriff used a unique writing technique and that is foreshadowing to show us the conflict that will build up suspense and tension. Raleigh and Stanhope met when he want to send a letter to his sister Madge, Stanhope insisted to censor Raleigh’s letter, because he is afraid that Raleigh will write about his drinking problems. Further, along there verbally and physical conflict, suddenly Stanhope turned completely into a different person that we don’t know about his other side, the side of viciousness and devilish.

Stanhope admitted to Raleigh and clearly shouted at him that they’re no longer at school. Then Stanhope took Raleigh’s letter for his hands, Stanhope says” Don’t “Dennis” me! Stanhope’s my name! You’re not at school! Go and inspect your rifles! ” Stanhope clearly stated that their relationship is different. Sherriff also used the exclamation mark to show that Stanhope is shouting furiously and frustrated from Raleigh’s attitude. This quote also shows Stanhope’s anger and how drinking problems affected him.

The word “Don’t Dennis” has an alliteration of the word “D”, this letter has a strong tone and expresses Stanhope’s anger effectively. Finally, at the end of the play we see comradeship between Stanhope and Raleigh when Raleigh is injured and nearly to pass away, Stanhope says” Well, Jimmy-(he smiles)-you got one quickly”, this quote shows how Stanhope changed at the end of the play the dash sign shows Stanhope’s hesitation and confusion because he doesn’t want to tell Raleigh the truth about what happened to him.

The stage direction shows how they’re going along with each other, as we can see that Stanhope plays the role of the father that cares about his children at the end of this play. This compassionates at the end of the play shows us how friendship never disappears nor dissolves during good or worse times. We can also know that Stanhope begins to recognize friendship without getting addicted because he knew the value of his friend when he saw his best, old friend passing away. Raleigh, the second character who is affected by war, at first was like a child who didn’t recognize death or fear.

When he first met Stanhope he was glad and excited to be with him in the same company despite that he is the commander of “C” company , he says “I’m awfully glad I got to your company, Stanhope”, it shows that Raleigh cannot balance nor distinguish his life in the rugby team and war because in rugby you can be chose for playing because maybe your best friend is their but in war there are no teams but Raleigh doesn’t have balance between them so he insisted to join “C” company because his best friend Stanhope is there.

He always refers to himself in the first person using “I” because he is full of glorious and courageous ideas. The colonel had a curial idea and that is to choose Raleigh and Osborne to the raid, however when they went to the raid Raleigh and Osborne fought beside each other, but Raleigh came safe and Osborne was dead when they captured the German boy. The stage direction has an effect and an impact on the reader, the five senses makes the reader experience war.

When Osborne died Raleigh came headed down and his hands were covered with blood “Raleigh rises unsteadily murmur “sorry” and stands with lowered head”. This quote connotes that Stanhope’s best friend had died. Sherriff also used complex adjectives like “murmur” and “Unsteadily” that describe how war affected them, these strong words may explain the level of effect on the solider and it has strong tone while reading it. Further, Sherriff also used the five senses like “murmur” one of the five senses which makes the reader wonder what happened that changes Raleigh personality.

As we know that war is futile we can see that they fought each other for nothing except causalities, panic and horrific atmosphere. This is like a chess game, Osborne died by the bombs of the German army, and the German boy was captured by the British soldiers. It’s like trading souls or playing chess the small is captured but the big dies. Hibbert, the last character whom we noticed that war affected him because we experienced that he is faking his sickness. We didn’t know much about him before the war, but through reading the play we can clearly state his personality and how war affected him.

When Stanhope had a conflict with Hibbert because he wants to see the doctor to escape from war, and fake sickness, he says “Why, go sick- go down the line. I must go into hospital and have some kind of treatment”, This quote shows how nervously he is and how obvious his secret was, this quote shows that he is a cowered and that he is an escapist, he escape from war by pretending that he is sick.

Hibbert is not brave enough to fight in the front line. Along their conflict Hibbert admitted in an explicit way that he doesn’t want to die in the front line, he says “I shall die of this pain if I don’t go! , this quote connotes that he is a cowered, but he shows how nervously and furiously talking to his commander. The pain that he was talking about is probably ‘neuralgia’ which is a rare disease in these days. I was asking my self two questions about Hibbert “Is ha a cowered? ” or “Is he a hero”, obviously he is a cowered but he fought his fear unlike Stanhope he continued to drink to escape from his fears, however Hibbert and Stanhope are hero’s at the end because they both, at least, served their country.

A Journey’s End” The phenomenal play has conveyed a message to us and that was that friendship neither dissolves nor disappears, but sometimes it is veiled because war is where you defend your country and defend your lover ones from the enemies. The way that Stanhope talked to Raleigh at the end of the play was like a talk between father and son, this was the only moment where everyone was surprised from this astonishing event. As war affected these 3 characters (Stanhope, Hibbert, and Raleigh), but they’re still best friends and workers in the same team.

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