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Job Roles From the Morrison Bakery Section

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In this partition of the coursework I will be studying three different job be looking specifically at sales within the bakery section of Morrison’s.

How Morrison’s organisational chart affects the communication between employees

Morrison’s hierarchical structure does affect the way staff communicates with each other in a number of numerous ways –

– One way that hierarchical structure affects the way the staff communicates in Morrison’s is that it makes it much easier to. This is because this particular structure clearly shows how Morrison’s is divided into its different functions which makes it easier to acquire and communicate with the staff required.

Example: If Morrison’s general manager wanted to contact the sales assistant working in the fishmonger department to discuss last night’s argument with one of the customers and find a way to solve this issue; the general manager would find it much easier to find the person he wants through the line manager of the fishmonger instead having to do anything else. This makes life a whole lot easier for Morrison’s as a whole as it saves plenty of energy and time.

– Another way that this particular structure affects the communication of Morrison’s is that a whole lot quicker the staff would know exactly where to go to in order to deliver information

Example: If the general manager of the Morrison store in Erith wanted to know exactly who left the floor wet which caused an accident with another member of staff; the general manger would immediately know where to go to because the only staff that would clean the floors of the store would be the support staff, because this responsibility is entitled to this level of workers, so it would make communication for the general manager a whole lot quicker than if the whole Morrison’s company were to not have this organisational chart.

– Because the structure of Morrison’s is hierarchical this would mean that there are many staffs as well as levels involved in the Morrison Company. The affect that this structure would have on the Morrison’s is that a lot of staff would be informed indirectly when receiving information from people higher up in the organisational chart.

Example: If a particular member of staff was to be performing extremely well, so well that the CEO, Sir Ken Morrison, was to notice him/her and want to tell him/her on their great work. Because Morrison is such a massive company, which is represented by the hierarchy structure, this would mean that it is highly unlikely that the CEO would have much time to see the staff he wants to note on their good work personally; so the person who has been working well would be informed of the CEO’s notice indirectly; either through the general manager of the Morrison store or through the supervisors who would have been informed by the general manager.

There are four main ways in which Morrison’s would communicate within their company. These four ways are –

Delegation, Responsibility and Authority: This is basically responsibilities of the person in highest section of Morrison’s’ hierarchy structure (who is the CEO) that is passed down, and shared with the staff working below him. So this results in the people closer to him in Morrison’s’ organisational chart have bigger and more responsibilities whereas staff at closer to the bottom of the chart would have smaller and less responsibilities.

Internal communication: By the phrase, I know that internal communication is communication amongst the working staff in the Erith Morrison’s and is mainly about the direction of communication; whether it’s upwards or downwards which would mean a difference in the information being passed through the staff of Morrison’s.

What do I think on the organisational structure of Morrison’s?

I am now going to elaborate on the question which asks ‘what do I think on the organisational structure of Morrison’s?’ by showing the advantages and disadvantages of Morrison’s organisational chart.

What are the advantages of Morrison’s organisational chart?

The advantages of Morrison’s organisational chart, which is an hierarchical structure, is that it clearly shows how Morrison’s is organised and how all the functions are split up (for example the bakery, fishmonger etc are all different functions within Morrison’s); the hierarchical structure of Morrison’s also shows the amount of responsibility each staff has (which is represented by the level that they are on) and who is in charge of a particular functional department within Morrison’s (staff such as the Bakery manager who is in charge of all the staff in his line).

Another advantage is that Morrison’s hierarchical structure makes staff working within the company more motivated because this organisational structure clearly shows the promotion path. Also by looking at the promotion path, staff would recognise what requirements are needed in any particular role and it would also show the responsibilities that that certain employee would have control of. This would show the staff what exactly they need to do to get to another level; and because 99% of time the levels higher up comes with more incentives, the staff striving for promotion would be absolutely determined to be promoted; this would increase the productivity of Morrison’s staff which would benefit their profits as well as their public image.

One other advantage of Morrison’s hierarchical structure is that it shows the size of each function within the company and how many staff a particular supervisor in Morrison’s is in control of (in others words the structure shows the span of control). This is an advantage because it informs staff of what responsibilities they need to control and how exactly to do this (by looking at the responsibilities that comes with their job entitlement); this ensures to minimise bewilderment within the company and helps Morrison’s keep staff and work well organised.

What are the disadvantages of Morrison’s organisational chart?

Using this type of chart in Morrison’s; the main disadvantage is that there are so many managers, staff and other employees involved that it becomes increasingly difficult to look out when trying to acquire certain information; this also means that it would hard to handle and modify, when necessary, that it may not be up-to-date and this would cause all sorts of confusion within the business; and money may be lost in doing so.

Another disadvantage of Morrison’s hierarchical structure is that because there are so many staff, levels involved it becomes very complicated and makes communication within the company very slow and ineffective. Communication is very important to Morrison’s as it allows the staff to constantly be updated with important information which helps the company adapt to the situation; so if the hierarchical structure is having a bad affect on the way the Morrison’s staff communicate with each other; this is also having it’s affects on things such as Morrison’s profit, customer base as well as public image.

Assistant manager

The responsibilities of an assistant manager in the Morrison’s bakery section would be to take charge of a big department for instance one of them could be production. Which means that they have to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers within the department, check the quality of the goods in the bakery department ensuring that the food is good to sell to the customers, lastly they have the responsibility of having regular meetings with the department supervisor, to amend any problems and keep up to date with everything. The assistant manager has the daily jobs of setting targets for the department managers. One example of the targets that could be set would be the increase of sales of bakery goods sold. The second one would be looking after the budgets to make sure that their section of the supermarket don’t go over budget and go out of business.

Thirdly they deal with recruitment for their section, making sure that they employ the right type of people. They have to report to senior management if there are any problems within the department. The also as one of their daily activities would be ensuring that stock is ordered and that their budget is stuck to. They would also have to report on day to day issues on a regular basis. Also they would have to communicate with the department supervisor. The last couple of activities would be ensuring health and safety within the section to maintain a healthy department, and to end with collecting customer feedback. If they do not meet targets, they will be removed from their job role and get demoted. The decisions that they would have to make all overall decisions after taking into account all queries within the department i.e. on budgeting, stock levels etc. To be an assistant manager you would need a proven record of meeting targets, possibly a HND or a degree in a similar area. To be able to communicate well with customers whilst leading staff effectively.

To be ICT proficient, organised and able to check and able to check and carry to administration. Need listening skills, able to act on various issues that might arise within the department, motivated to achieve targets and enthusiastic. Lastly to be well organised and make decisions as a team and independently. The pay and benefits acquired would be a starting pay

Of 25,000 and discount within the store, a company car once reaching manager level.

Supervisor in bakery section

By becoming a supervisor you would have responsibilities such as, to manage a small team within the department, ensuring the health and safety of the shop floor within the department. Making sure all customers are happy and receive a good level of service, checking the overall quality of the goods being sold. To check stocking and communicate with be the sales assistant manager and other departments to order goods, ensuring administration within the department is kept up to date, also making sure staff in the department are looked after and that shifts run smoothly. Lastly to have regular meetings with the employees and check progress. Also with being a supervisor will need to carry out daily activities. Firstly ensuring the department is set up correctly and is well presented, keeping record that staffs are present for work and carrying out a good job. The health and safety within the department by regularly checking the departments hygiene, testing the products and ensure they are of a high quality. Checking the stock and place orders.

This job is more secure than the sales assistant managers as they earn less, but must still meet targets to guarantee status and cant be demoted. Most of their decisions are hands on decisions within the department i.e. the rota of staff, who works where the layout of the department etc. For this job the skills qualities and qualifications would be to have an interest in food and sales, maybe having a certificate in management or previous experience in the retail sector, being motivated and want to meet targets and able to work as a team and independently. To be able to lead people and be enthusiastic, to communicate well with customers and senior managers and organised and efficient. To have experience in sales setting and have technical skills where appropriate. The pay and benefits that come with the job is a starting wage of 18,000 plus general company benefits.

Sales assistant in the bakery section

The responsibilities of a sales assistant would be to provide a high level of customer service, achieve performance targets where relevant. Ensure that the products being sold are of a high quality and well displayed. Lastly the responsibilities are to ensure that necessary administration is carried out. With the responsibility of being a sales assistant you would have to carry out daily activities include serving the customers in the bakery department, and operating the till and taking money. Complete any documentation that is necessary, laying out the products, restock and tidy away at the end of the day. Regularly clean the area, and to follow the supervisors instructions. The job security that comes with this varies as this is low skilled and so easily replaced if they do not do their job as expected.

The decision making that comes with this are small, mostly generally only about themselves and their actions at work. To do this job you would have to have these qualifications, skills and qualities: possibly an NVQ or equivalent or working to a modern apprenticeship. Should be able to communicate well with customers, and able to complete necessary administration and operate the till. Also you need to be able to present food well and display a professional clean appearance. You need to be hard working and motivated with technical skills where appropriate, and to be reliable. The pay and benefits that come with this job is a starting wage depending on experience 5 per hour.

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