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Jack Nickla is One of the Best Golfers

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For a long time, the world of golf knew one man who shone above all others. Jack Nicklaus made history with record-setting rounds, but a star emerged in the new generation with Tiger Woods who took the PGA by storm. Both golfers proved outstanding in their prime years. Though this was not due to a lack of competition, the pure talent put other pros in their place, knowing that a match versus either meant competing for second place.

In 1961, Jack Nicklaus turned pro, Nicklaus won six Masters, five PGA Championships, four U.S. Open titles and three British Opens setting the record at 18 major championships. Nicklaus surpassed the infamous Bobby Jones’s record of 10 major titles in 1973 and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame the following year. Nicklaus demonstrated incredible power off the tee, setting record drive distances at 341 yards, a number that would’ve surpassed the 2014 champion Louis Oosthuizen who drove 340. Along with a delicate touch around the greens, there was no doubt his skill was far superior to his competitors and even present day players. The courses Nicklaus designed have promoted the game all around the world.

“The Golden Bear” a nickname coming from his alma mater, Upper Arlington High School, was the ambassador for the last generation of golfers. In fact When Woods was growing up, he had a poster of Nicklaus on his wall.That being said, Nicklaus has never brought the attention to the game as Tiger does.

Winning the 1997 U.S. Masters at Augusta with a record score at age 21, made Tiger the youngest man and the first African American to earn the title. Woods won another 13 majors and was named the PGA Player of the Year 10 times over the next 12 years. Tiger is ranked only second in total wins at 80, behind Sam Snead with 82. Though Tigers golf rankings and stats are impressive, they are nothing in comparison to the sea of people he brings to every tournament. Tiger has always been popular, he was known as a golf prodigy as a little boy so joining the tour was inevitable, as well as his African American descent inspiring many others. While Nicklaus was his hero, Tiger is the hero of today’s top Tour players. In many cases a young player will get the chance to play with Tiger and ask for pictures or a ball afterwards. Not only does he inspire the game itself but he draws a larger crowd than anyone ever has.

To conclude this comparison it must be said that technology plays a huge part in statistics of Tiger and Jack’s records. Though the sheer lack of competition in each player’s prime years proves that each of them deserve to be recognized in history as the top players of the game of golf. But Tiger’s career is not over yet, proven in the recent Tour Championship he may still have a chance to far outshine The Golden Bear.

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