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About a Boy. Film Analysis

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The film makers use humor wrought the movie to divide up the serious incidents of the film to enable us to joke. Marcus the Protagonist starts a new school but his poor appearance such as a terrible hair cut, non suitable clothes, his relationship with his mum and singing in class sets him up to be a prime target for bullies. Maraca’s hair was what people call a ‘bowl cut’ very flat and a long fringe, this made his look awful and it made him stand out notably. Maraca’s mum was a hillbilly’s she dresses poorly and her personally made her a laughing stock.

An example of bullying is he film was when Marcus and his mum, walked to school, at the front yard of the school his mum yelled out “l love you” and Marcus replied with “l love you too”, students all took notice of this and laughed at him. The director Paul White shows humor in the film “About a Boy” by splitting up the serious components of the movie and setting a funny moment in between. This is shown when Marcus was sitting in class and then he starts singing, making everyone laugh because he is different.

Maraca’s mum Fauna suffers from depression throughout the film About a Boy” this makes Maraca’s life very difficult trying to help his mum while battling his own problems. Fauna’s crying in the mornings makes Marcus upset as he thinks that he is the trouble but with his mum having to work and look after Marcus as she is single, it make her life very hard not having any enjoyment. Fauna attends a meeting called SPAT; Single Parents Alone Together a bloke called Will attends this meeting looking for his new found idea, trying to crack on to single parents. Will meets a woman from a SPAT meeting called Suzie (Victoria

Swimsuit), she invites Will on a picnic day with her child and Marcus as his mum is sick. Director Paul White uses humor when Marcus is feeding the ducks in the pond with his mum’s baked hard, homemade bread, he decides that the bread is too hard, so he decides to throw the entire lot in, except it lands on a duck with the result being death for the duck. After the events of the dead duck Will, Marcus and Suzie find Fauna overdosed lying on the couch of her house trying to commit suicide. The relationship between Will and Marcus is one of the most Bizarre friendships.

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