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A Simple Life: Film Review

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A Simple Life, based on real story, script by Susan Chant and Roger Lee centers on a warm-hearted story between a signori and a servant, Master Roger (Andy Luau) and Ah Tao (Deanne Yip), who get big break when Ah Tao left Rorer’s family because of having stroke. Although Roger works as a movie producer, he was still living alone and taken care by Ah Tao for over 50 years. To Roger, Ah Tao has taken an importance place in his heart, and he was willing to did his best to take the responsibility of looking after Ah Tao when she was sick, even she urged to live in Retirement home.

During the period that Roger takes care of Ah Tao, the relationship between them has exceeded master and servant, more likely, a family. “Because I feel like heroes are too special or extraordinary, you should the word. Don’t really like to focus on those characters. ” Ann Huh says. Huh prefers filming ordinary people and ordinary stories. Like the family love of mother and son from Way We Are” and the relationship between master and servant in “A Simple Life”. Huh thinks that ordinary characters can touch audiences the most for the reason that these characters come from the lives we eve experienced.

Ah Tao is a character like any of us, so that audiences can feel, truly and practically, the deep emotion in characters through a film. ” Ann Huh is one of good directors in Hong Kong films, she is good at filming, especially using documentary techniques to film. When you saw her films, everything seems so usual, but also real,” Freelance films review writer Kevin Chemung says. Though Hue’s films continue to rely on narrative storytelling, she did not devote particular care to either commercial film or roadhouse picture.

Huh emphasizes on expressing the emotion in films via the documentary techniques of filming, expression of drama and acting of performers. Many audiences were deeply moved or shed tears after seeing A Simple Life. “l think its really nice and realistic film which is not a melodramatic, it’s about everyday life and it doesn’t try to make you cry, it’s not over sentimental,” Mike Walsh, Flinders University Screen Studies Senior Lecturer, says. Yes it is, A Simple Life is not a sensationalist film, there are no affection, no overstatement and no emotional hiding in it, all expressions of emotion are auteur and from characters’ lives.

In Hue’s film, she does not try to attract audiences’ attention deliberately by utilizing any magnificent film techniques; moreover, she uses a documentary techniques to delivered many details of one’s life, even a gesture or behave, in a film, in order to make the story alive. Like Andy Luau says that it was a film which was full of emotions of one’s life. Relevant transcript: Mike Walsh Contact: mike. [email protected] Du. AU Q: How do you think of the characters or directors of A Simple Life?

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