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Is luxurious life an evil or blessing

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When the man came in this world and became conscious about the things he led his way towards the luxuries of life. He tried to find shortcuts in his life. He served all his energy in finding easy and swift means of doing different work. He gained some knowledge with his experiences and with the passage of time. He tried different thing and did lots of mistakes and learned from them. As the burden of life became greater the man did different inventions.

Most of the luxuries and many of the so called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.

Following this material i will be searching for
1. Impact of luxurious life on the society
2. Effects luxurious life on physical health
3. Luxurious life give rise to corrupt behaviors
4. Luxurious life creates imbalance in the society

Literature review:

1. Impact of luxurious life on society:
Two diametrically opposite opinions prevail on this question. According to some, all expenditure on luxury is wicked; while, according to others, every one who buys expensive luxuries thereby encourages trade, and deserves to be extolled as a benefactor of the working classes. Both of these two opposite views may be supported by plausible arguments. When a rich man spends a thousand pounds on a picture, it is not unnatural for his poor neighbor to say: “The money spent on this picture might have supplied me with good food and warm clothes for the rest of my life.”( Ankita ND)

Although luxuries attracts everyone and everyone wants to live a luxurious life but it has worst impacts on the society. When a society is divided in different classes like lower, middle and higher or elite class then it give rise impatience among the member of society. It is all because of least communication and environment of hatred and jealousy. When people got indulge in the luxuries of their life then they don’t care about their society and they don’t even think about the welfare and betterment of the society and it is actually comes in the disloyalty of the society and state. It also causes inflammation while on the other hand simplicity and modesty helps in the unification of a society. Modesty is taught by many religions of the world. And religions teaches us about humanity.

2. Effects of luxurious life on physical health:
luxuries have made people sick mentally and physically. People are getting lazier day by day. In the 21st century technology has improved so much that everything is available on your doorstep. People can do online shopping staying in their home. They can order food from a single phone call. They have massive amount of entertainment available without leaving sofa. They do less effort because they have vehicles, elevators and conveyor belts available for them.

Due to all these luxuries people are getting health problems like obesity, computer vision syndrome and carpel tunnel syndrome. People watch television and use laptop while lying in bed it also affects the sleeping pattern and causes fatigue, anxiety and depression. While on the other side people who do lots of work in a day like labors and farmers remain healthy physically and mentally. Due to their routine of hard work they enjoy a good healthy and they remain mentally fresh. They don’t have health problems like sleeping disorder and obesity. As Carl jung said, “Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for the health”

3. luxurious life give rise to corrupt behaviors:
when a person is completely indulged in the luxuries of his life then he does not care about the ethics, values and morality. He do whatever comes in his mind. His attitude become cruel, rude and inhumane. He wanted to get each and everything which comes in his mind by hook or by crook. Lust of wealth and different luxuries always remains on his mind. He does not respect state rules and always try to break them just for fun. Stopping on traffic signal becomes a problem of his ego. Fear of police fade away from his mind. Morality and religious teaching have no value in his life. He does not respect his fellow member of society. In this way he not only becomes a narrow-minded egotist himself, but also, as far as in him lies, embitters the relations between man and man, and helps to make envy, hatred and malice predominate in the world over kindly feelings, sympathy and benevolence.

Thus in the great battle of life he ranges himself on the side of evil against good. (Ankita ND) All this cause oppression. While the other person who is living simple and modest life always try to value morality and religious teachings in his life. He has a fear of of state rules and police. He always try to become a good and respectful citizen of the state and his attitude is kind , loving and friendly towards the other members pf the society. He always work with honesty and full zest. He works constructively and try to make a healthy environment in his society.

4.Luxurious life creates imbalance in the society: It is quite true that the poor should seek a higher mean to be observed of comfort and try to secure a moderate amount of luxury for themselves and their families. On the contrary those rich men who satiate their excessive love of luxury at the expense of their health and their prosperity, deserves to be severely condemned for their imprudence.(Joyous News Nov 1,2012) When most of the people of a society seeks luxuries and comforts and refrain themselves from hard work then there produces an imbalance in every department and this imbalance leads to the imbalance in economy.

So, after doing research on different aspects of luxurious life it can be said that this is an artificial life made by man and all of its contents are not necessary for human life. Life is possible without all these luxuries but it would be a simple life. And it does not mean that luxuries give rise to evil deeds all the time it varies from person to person. As we see in our daily life people of elite class also do charity and people from lower middle class do robberies and murders too. So, good doings and bad doings does not depend on your wealth it is something else.


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