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Internet Protocol Suite

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In 1950s, Internet began with the development of electronic such as computers. In 1982, the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) was standardized, and consequently, the concept of a world-wide network of interconnected TCP/IP networks, called the Internet, was introduced. As technology developed, the Internet would be the most important inventions of the century in everyone’s life. According to Berry, “The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, and computer set the stage for this unprecedented integration of capabilities.

The Internet is at once a world-wide broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information dissemination, and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for geographic location” (Brief History of the Internet). The Internet can be known as a kind of global meeting place where people from all parts of the world can come together. Internet revolutionized the way we communicate, research, and shop. People do not have to spend the whole day to search from shelf to shelf for information in library anymore.

The gathering of information can be done in one place with the click of a mouse through internet. However, there are people using internet as a mean of their own benefits such as identity thefts, spam, and virus threat. Not everyone views Internet as the safe and positive invention. So, this essay will focus more on the advantages and disadvantages of Internet. Internet provides so many advantages to users. The three most important advantages of Internet are: loads of information, communication, and services. First, Internet is known to be the depository of information.

Internet has a lot of information that is very essential for the students so they do not have to buy books or go to the library anymore. Any kind of information on any topic is available on the Internet. Search engines like Google and Yahoo can help users to find data on any subject that they need. Internet is a much easier and shorter process than library for searching information. Second, Internet plays a big part in revolutionized communication. After the invention of Internet combined with new technologies, communication becomes easier and cheaper.

There are many website and apps that can be accessed for free to meet new people, make new friends, as well as to stay in touch with old friends. The most popular websites are Facebook, Skype, and Twitter. Users can connect through Internet all around the world. According to Facts on the Internet, “Users of individual computers communicate with larger, host computers (network bases) by a variety of means, from common telephone lines (so-called modem links) to high-speed fiber optic connections. Host computers are typically linked together and to a backbone public network.

At least one such public network, or Internet, is in place in each country where access is available” (1). People do not need to come to one place to have a meeting anymore. Now a day, Business meeting can be conducts through telecommunication with people from every country in Asia, Europe, or Africa; without leaving their own countries. Users do not need to worry about travel expenses and wasting time. Third, Inter is making users’ lives easier by offering different services like online banking, online booking, hotel reservations, online shopping and many more.

According to Facts on the Internet, “the Internet offers hundreds of services, from standard electronic mail to interactive discussion networks (also known as “chat” lines). The Internet is considered collectively owned by the entire private commercial and public organizations that have acces” (1). Along with getting information on the internet, you can also shop online. Traditional shopping required a lot of time and transportation to go from one store to another. Internet changes this tradition and saves users a lot of time and money.

Along with getting information on the internet, you can also shop online. There are many online stores and sites that can be used to look for products as well as buy them using your credit card. You do not need to leave your house and can do all your shopping from the convenience of your home. There are websites that users can compare prices from different website or retailers. Internet helps users make the right decision in the blink of an eye. Despites the advantages, Internet also has it down side.

The three main disadvantages of Internet are: identity theft, virus threat, and cyberbullying. First, identify theft is the main concerned for every Internet users. If you use the internet, your personal information such as your name, address, or credit card number can be accessed by other people. If you use a credit card to shop online, then your credit card information can also be stolen. According to Elizabeth, “Adolescents frequently display personal and identifiable information about themselves on the Internet.

These details may include their home location, revealing photographs, or descriptions of sexual behavior” (Internet Safety Education For Youth: Stakeholder Perspectives, 1). It is difficult to protect yourself from being targeted and privacy violated through Internet. Second, virus threat mostly came from the internet users visiting or downloading from a site. Internet users need to buy anti-virus program to protect themselves from any virus. Third, cyberbullying is more concern with parents.

As younger and younger children using Internet, they can expose as the prey of cyber bullying. According to Elizabeth, “Cyberbullying or Internet harassment, impacts up to a third of youth and has been linked to a variety of health concerns, some as serious as suicidal ideation” (Internet Safety Education For Youth:, 1). In some case, cyber bullying can lead to death. Internet safety is highly recommended for today’s youth as they spent more time surfing the internet than playing with their friends outdoor.

Parents need to educate their children at young age of the safety of using the Internet. In conclusion, Internet provides users an easy way to gather information, communication, and do online services at comfortable of their homes. However, Internet users need to be careful when they put their information on the Internet. There are ways, such as anti-virus, Internet users can protect themselves from identity theft, virus threat, and cyberbullying. Regarding these disadvantages, Internet is still the most popular invention in the century. Life would be difficult without the Internet.

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