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Instant Noodles

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Instant noodles, a steamed and deep-oil fried noodle that is also known as ramen in Japan and ramyon in Korea, originated in Japan in the 1950s and are currently produced in over 80 countries. As of 2008, approximately 93.6 billion servings of instant noodles have been consumed worldwide. Chinese consumed 45.2 billion packages of instant noodles in 2008, representing 51% of the global consumption of instant noodles, whereas Indonesians consumed 13.7 billion packages, Japanese consumed 5.1 billion packages, Americans consumed 4.3 billion packages, and South Koreans consumed 3.3 billion packages. South Koreans eat the highest per capita quantity of instant noodles at 69 servings per year, which is 4.8 times higher than the consumption of Americans, and 1.7 times higher than the per capita consumption in Japan. Based on the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) III report, instant noodles were consumed at a level of 18.1 g per day per capita nationwide, which made this the second largest food type after steamed rice that contributes to the overall energy intake of individuals. Instant noodles are often criticized as unhealthy or as a type of junk food. A single serving of instant noodles is usually high in carbohydrates but is low in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Instant noodle manufacturers have made efforts to lower the sodium and fat content in response to public health concerns.

Instant noodles are now promoted as a nutrient vehicle in developing countries by fortifying either the flours used to make the noodles or the seasoning powders consumed with the noodles. The popularity of instant noodles has been expanding very rapidly during recent decades due to their convenience and reasonable price. However, few data are available with respect to the nutritional status of instant noodle consumers in both Asian and western countries. As Koreans consume the largest quantity of instant noodles, it is necessary to identify the relationship between instant noodle consumption and nutritional status and food consumption patterns of Koreans. Therefore, we compared food and nutrient intake in Korean adults that consume instant noodles with those who do not consume instant noodles using data from KNHANES III to examine the nutritional status of instant noodle consumers (INC). We also evaluated whether the nutrient intake of Koreans consuming instant noodles is appropriate in comparison to the Korean dietary reference intakes (KDRI). We hope that this study will help to construct guidelines for nutritional education regarding instant noodle consumption. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

They were invented by Momofuku Ando who was born in Taiwan when the county was still ruled by the Japanese. Thanks to him, Chicken Ramen was launched in 1958; a little later, he saw to it that dried veggies were also added to the noodles & the instant noodle soup was born. 1. Noodles contain high sodium and fat content, so eat in moderation. 2. Don’t use all the seasoning prepared in the packet for you. Use half of what is given. 3. Instead of using the seasoning, use soy sauce, sugar and pepper of your choice, with a dash of sprinkled sesame seed or garlic oil. Be experimental with taste! 4. Add vegetables to your instant noodles. You can use beans, bell pepper, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, carrots and anything else that you fancy. Vegetables are good for you. 5. Get protein in your system by including bean sprouts, mushrooms, roasted sesame seeds and even a tablespoon of peanut butter! Yummy! 6. Minimize the fat by cooking it separately with the noodles in hot water and soup base in another pot. You can also boil it twice, as this helps to remove the fat from the noodle. Also, do not drink the broth! 7. If the noodles are meant to be dry, then don’t refry it. 8. Read the labels for nutritional content. Usually a pack of instant noodles have 250-300 calories per 60-gram packet.

Unfortunately they’re popular in most countries around the world; the ones not mentioned here don’t really sell instant noodles in sufficient quantities to warrant comment, in other words, the consumers don’t really like them: Instant noodles contain wax coating which is also use in Styrofoam container. That is why instant noodles don’t to each other when cooking. Our body needs up two days to clean the wax. Make sure you stop eating a pack of noodles for at least 3 days after a session of noodles.


This science investigatory project is designed to know the acceptability of the respondents towards “The advantages and disadvantages of instant noodles”which sought to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:

a. Gender
b. Age
c. Civil Status
d. Occupation
2. What is the perception of the respondents toward:
A. Advantages of instant noodles
B. Disadvantages of instant noodles


This science investigatory project entitled “The advantages and disadvantages of instant noodles”” is conducted at San Francisco Calihan and Green Valley subd. San Pablo City,Laguna The selected numbers of respondents are twenty (20) people.

This study is not designed for commercial competitiveness. It is only considered as a suggested idea about “The advantages and disadvantages of instant noodles. “

The researcher conducted this kind of study due to some difficulties in housekeeping in homes. With the use of technology and innovation, by cooking instant noodles can help us to save time and money This science investigatory project has great significance to the following: ➢ To create a nutritious food, like mixed some vagetables and give energy for our body. ➢ To give some knowledge for all mankind.

➢ To the future researchers, for this will serve as their future resource material.




From the time Momofuku Ando developed the first instant noodles, they have dominated the noodle industry, and its effects can still be seen today. Their main customers are the college students and other people who are always on the go, people who do not have time to cook breakfast, or people who are lazy to. Furthermore, according to english.ndtv.com there have been high amounts of plasticizers in instant noodles in China. The process of making the noodles is what affects the water absorbency of the noodles. In fact according to Beijing time progress technology development co. LTD., instant noodles are made out of a variety of doughs, which are formed to make noodles, cooked, then deep-fried in oil. They are then put through air knives,which does not however, remove all the oil. This is why instant noodles contain such high amounts of oil, which causes kidney stones, and prevents it from absorbing water. Oil is not the only unhealthy material in instant noodles. In fact according to Dr. Edmond Lee, instant noodles also contain high amounts of carbohydrates, sodium, MSG, and saturated fat. This is why we test the noodles for its water absorbency, because it is one of the factors that will show whether or not an instant noodle product is high in terms of oil-content. This is because oil and water do not mix when something is covered in oil water will not be able…


It can be said of China’s instant noodle market from the beginning a fully competitive market, without full competition, China’s instant noodle market, would not be such a large scale. In such a market, competition among the various brands are all ‘wits’, staged a good show, produced a classic case, such as high-grade surface introduced a unified market ‘to a bucket’ bucket face, low-grade markets face the ‘twins’ instant noodles, has important implications for both marketing case. In my opinion, instant noodle market in 2003, the most dynamic brand is Hualong, the Third Prince, and Jinfeng.These brands in product promotion, market operations on the characteristics of each month, many of them brilliant marketing case. A bowl of incense ‘remote’ follow-up

A bowl of incense is the Wong Group, a high-quality products, the series is currently in sales may have accounted for half of sales in the whole wang, but also precisely because of the success of a bowl of incense in Mong Cai to embark on the development of the Express Group Road. In 2003, a bowl of incense is also the main specifications of the initial launch of the bowl of incense 120′ in many parts of the mid-plane on the market is already the best-selling product. A bowl of fragrant 120-the most critical success factor is the product design is better. Prior to the introduction of the product, the north face mid-range market, the best-selling brands such as Hua-kang (108 grams) white elephant white elephant of gold (103 grams), the retail price is basically about 8 cents. Most follow-up of these two brands of enterprises are taking a few grams close to launch, the product strategy of lower prices rob market, which is actually a close follow-up. Zhongwang group is doing exactly the contrary, it introduced the product a big weight, high price, weight is 120 grams, middle and low-noodle market was the heaviest product, the price per case is higher than competing goods, 2 yuan Qian.

Group of Wang Peng Jun-Lin said that this is ‘long-range follow-up, dubious’ suddenly pull weight seemed very far, in fact, it is well to follow up a product. The reason why the price is set relatively well-off high, but in order to allow consumers to believe this: 120 grams of noodles is the face expensive than the 103 grams. In fact, instant noodles, the weight of a slight increase will not lead to much increase in cost. Of course, the success of a bowl of sweet-smelling and there are other factors, such as for the first time using a round bread, played a very ‘Shun Liu catchy’ name, but according to dealers against product quality should be really good. Analysis: Long-range follow-up not only in the formation of a differentiated product, but also reduce the market’s resistance, because it is the long-range follow-up, so start a competing product does not cause concern. Set its price higher than competing products, but also a move risky move, but then the market proved that high prices cut into more profit to the channel, increasing the product listing ‘thrust’, dealers are happy to promote a bowl of incense 120. 120 Indeed, a bowl of incense to the dealers a great profit margin, a start time of the promotion in Shanghai, a bowl of incense had sold 1.5 million factory in fact set the retail price is 8 cents. Incense bowl ‘melee’ a bowl of incense

A bowl of incense available soon on the launch of a large bowl Hualong incense series. Bowl and a bowl of fragrant incense product design is very close, but the price is lower than a bowl of fragrant 2 yuan per box of money. As long as a bowl of fragrant popular places fragrant bowl bound ‘followed and to’, showing the most obvious markets such as Shanghai, Hubei Jingzhou.As long as there is a bowl of incense in that shop Distribution, inevitably followed by fragrant bowl over. As product specifications, packaging and even the names are relatively similar, less expensive bowl of a bowl of fragrant incense in many places, causing a threat, and some consumers have even thought it was a bowl of fragrant incense bowl in the follow-up, after all, Hualong’s well-known than the company’s high-wang. Comment: In fact,for the Hualong, the incense bowl is a strategic product, its mission may be to ‘harassment’ competing products, profitability in the second Dao Shi. The specific strategy is to design a similar product (in particular, the product name and packaging) followed by competing products, low prices and the competing goods, carry out ‘melee’ war, not only to seize the market, but also play a fuzzy brand competing products

The role of the image because the names are similar, consumers do not know in the end that is true. It should be said that this strategy is relatively Hualong successful. Hualong has taken on the white elephant similar strategy against the white elephant on the 2003 Love Long’s ‘good taste’ launched the ‘more delicious’. This should be Hualong follow-up follow-up strategy and a distinction between ordinary and take regular follow-up strategy for the products are designed to profit targets. The reason for follow-up may be enough business R & D capabilities, such as the Jinfeng expert in this area is to follow up on the market what is a best-selling products, Jinfeng will soon launch similar products, such as the one in the Northeast region The stream of pop called ‘Kebab’ and simply face, Jinfeng’s ‘Kebab’ less than a month out, it was not intended against any competing products, only to now back together in a best-selling varieties of good sellers. Master drastic ‘block’ Hualong

Hualong is already the Master’s largest competitor, Hualong plot the last two years to the high-grade surface market, for being a Master’s self-defense. To block Hualong, Master Kang has taken a series of ‘blocking’ measures: First, the exclusive distributors in many parts of the Master clearly defined ‘Distribution Master Kang instant noodles can no longer distribute the products Hualong’. Master Kong instant noodles dealers generally have good channels of resources, Master Kang hopes the policy can be the exclusive dealer channel blockade Hua-enter the market. The second measure is the buy-out shelves. In some places, Master in time for pre-empting and terminals Hualong signed a contract to buy a certain area of the shelf, buy the size of at least 50%. After Master buyout, the rest of the display area has dried up, because in addition to Master there is unity, so Hualong only give up the terminal. Through the buy-out shelves, Master in the end-to-Hualong achieved an effective intercept. The third is occupied by distributors of funds. Master sometimes through a number of promotional policies, thus maximizing flexibility in the use of funds occupy dealer, then the other brands even more favorable to re-introduce promotions, dealer did not purchase the surplus funds. Comment: relative to the vast rural market, the urban market is more like a ‘closed’ market, not only its market area is small, but very few brands, the original is mainly Master and unity.

Once the new brand entry, it would arouse a strong reaction to them. Master .This is simply the recipe for ‘drastic’, unlike those in promotion policy of ‘chipping away’ competition. Jinmailang went to Tiananmen Square sells noodles Hualong Jinmailang is a high-end side of the brand, in order to promote the product, Hualong marketers can be said is ‘do anything’. One of the means is an Exhibition and sale in Tiananmen Square Jinmailang. In 2002 and 2003, the National Day long holiday, Hualong ‘special pass the Department’ and the relevant departments after the Tiananmen Square has developed a number of exhibitions selling Exhibition and sale of Jinmailang container surface.Because it is targeted at tourists, so the main Exhibition and sale of the container surface. In 2002 the National Day holiday Jinmailang sold 2188 boxes in 2003 holiday sales of 4196 boxes.

Comment: to Tiananmen Square to the Exhibition and sale! Really not afraid can not do, I’m afraid can not think of! Sales of more than 4,000 boxes a day for dozens of Jinmailang vehicle sales for nothing, but for some poor sales Hualong regional market, Jinmailang at a point of sale, a single food items a few days sales of not less than a month in those markets the sales of all food items, this rare is not worth reflection? Real-life case prompted us to develop a multi-sales channel, multi-looking for a sales opportunities, improve sales would not be a problem. More importantly, the Exhibition and sale of the activities engaged in at Tiananmen Square is also beneficial to enhance brand awareness Jinmailang, Hualong corporate image. National Day Golden Week tourists in Tiananmen Square as high as the country’s 4.6 million people, although only 1% of visitors Jinmailang sell, but there will be into the millions of tourists to see Jinmailang this product. One can imagine the effect of their ads. In short, marketing, no fixed style, surprisingly to winning, innovation is the only constant.

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