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It’s more important to earn lots of money rather then to enjoy your job

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The world is based on the universal concept of ‘give and take’. In order to gain something, we have to give something. In other words, wherever there is gain, there is a loss. To live a happy and successful life, one has to compromise with a number of things.

One of these compromises is to strangle one’s own personal desires and elements of satisfaction for the sake of responsibilities. Being practical, it is wise to say that earning money is more important than your job. A job can be of any work that we have to do for a living. It can be a physical or a mental effort. It is important to earn money because it provides us with all the necessities of life. In today’s world, surviving without money is impossible. To the most basic level, every person needs money for food, clothing and shelter. If we do not care about how much we earn and prefer a job that we enjoy, then we would be deprived of all other things that money can bring. I mean, come on, besides the basic needs, who does not want a flat screen T.V with the most amazing sound system?

If we live alone and do not have to support anyone then we can go for a job that we enjoy but for a person who has to shoulder the responsibility of a family, this would not be a very wise decision. In order to support our family and meet their financial needs, we should take in account the salary our job offers. Having the job that intrigues you and pays you a handsome salary is very rare. That’s just called luck, and not every single person in this world is lucky. And how many of you still live with your parents that you do not have to be the bread earner?

For example, how would a person’s life be he or she is enjoying their job to the fullest but is not able to financially support his or her family. This would lead to problems at home. The family would be deprived of their needs and wants, causing distress to the person himself. Each day, the person would come home, just to be surrounded with tension and complaints.

On the other hand, if a person earns enough to fulfill his family’s requirements and wishes, he would feel good about himself. So what if his job is not as appealing as he hoped it would be? At the end of the day, he gains a lot. The gain is merely not the money or success but also the feelings of personal achievement and recognition from others. Nothing can top that, especially not enjoyment at work. In fact, if a job pays us enough, then we tend to be more optimistic about it and find a way to enjoy it.

Money brings happiness. As much as we want to deny that fact; it is true. According to me, whoever said money can not buy happiness is wrong. How many of you do not have a broad grin on your faces when you purchase the latest Blackberry? Or when you get your personal laptops? Or get your own custom made cell phone? A Greek named Dimosthemis, said in a court in Anthens that, “Without money, you cannot do anything. If the poor people realize how good the life of the rich is, they will definitely try to eliminate all of them. And this is the only reason they made the people believe that money can’t bring happiness.”

To conclude, I for one, would agree to the smart Greek who made that statement. It is impossible to breathe in this modern era without something known as money. Money is the solution to most problems. Do you honestly want your kids to tell their friends: “No, I come to school is a cab ’cause my daddy can’t afford a car.” “I’m not celebrating my birthday cause my mommy says it’ll be too expensive.” So here’s an advice, when choosing your career, be very wise.

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