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The Impact Technology or Science on Our Culture

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Today, social networking site have becoming one of most Important thing living on the twenty-first century people. According to Mark Zuckerber on the facebook bolg. he is saying “As of today, 250 million people are using Facebook to stay updated on what’s happening around them and share with the people in their lives, every day, thousands of new accounts are created on social networking sites though many have a very short lifespan”. Technology is already deeply in our lives pattern as we are Web user. ocial networking sites have two sides to everything.

Facebook have effect of Advertising. According to a Journal In the You know what’s cool? 1 million advertiser on Facebook, Robert Hof, he is saying “Facebook Just hit 1 million advertisers, a milestone signaling that it has become a mainstream advertising channel for small and medium-sized business” When you go to the Facebook page on Facebook, they are selling the space for Advertising. By favor, we can get us useful or necessary Advertising. Specially game, music, application, and something hat I am interesting in. And also, the person can make Advertising themselves as their posting.

In my case I am using Facebook as Advertising ot my own thing. What kind of music likes, what kind of book, movie, picture I like, and then, recommendation that. Now, advertising Is becoming more powerful than TV and radio. Because, the people who using Facebook is getting in creasing. The But, sometimes it may made us is being under coercion. According to essay in the Poparazzi/ Social Media Coercion, Ben Widdicombe, he is saying, “Social etworking sites that invite us to share our opinions have brought with them a new kind of pest: the coercive “friend” who wants you to shill their venture.

For example, If my friend is folk singer, he will request us to promote his next recital on Facebook and we get rick spamming our social network. But if we decline, he will notice the news that we ignored, that makes we can not have good relationship with him. Gone are the days of the stack of fliers that could be discreetly filed in the trash. The next thing is sharing our life and giving information. As you know, many eople do to upload their life.

Sometime they give us information that I didn’t know about psychological statistical data for “Love, Human, Health, Science”, scientific common sense, fun video, news, entertainment event (most of my friends on facebook are musician, so they give me information where, when they will have recital). And people do to post their feeling, emotion, philosophy, life, food, family photograph. That help us to know and understand what kind of person you are. Specially that point to culture. If we have friend of other country on Facebook, to nderstand help us to understand broad.

We are living in the world as one by to develop of technology. Today, Facebook can function of connection other culture to other culture. But, It may make us is being distracts from important. According to a NBC new in the Facebook use can lower grades by 20 percent, study says, Suzanne “Facebook while studying or doing homework wind up getting 20 percent lower running in the background on their computer or mobile” We can see easily found on Google, many young people already do to agree with her saying. Facebook has too many people, too much information.

Too much information to have through too many people may already full to know. Too much information or unclear information can make us to lost concentration, Judgment, discernment and values. That result the social network can make us to distracts from important. The next thing is communication. According to a Journal in the Facebook : Good or Bad for communication, Guy Lecky-Thomson, He is saying, “Social networking can enrich social lives foe those separated from family and friends by long distances, bringing them together despite the physical separation.

This has Hr ecently come to light in the number of people in the armed forces using Youtube, Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch. Online communication can help those with dysfunctional syndromes achieve a level of social interaction previously difficult or impossible. For some people, interaction with crowds is made easier if they do not actually feel the physical immersion. ” Now we can get easily to connection people to people on Facebook. Even we are living between long distance each other. In my case, cause I am living in America, communication to friends who living in my ountry help still having relationship each other.

But It also makes hard to relationship and communication.. According to a journal in the Facebook : Good or Bad for communication, Guy Lecky-Thomsonhe is saying, “Electronic interaction displaces the social interaction, It changes the way people interact, possibly product changes that will eventually affect the evolution of reading body language and other indirect communication facilities. ” There is unlikely have truth to communication on Facebook. Today, many people’s character has change to do with troublesome by technology.

That’s point that it’s easily to think or behave frivolously about relationship. How should Facebook be used? Our live pattern has changed so fast by science. By developed science, we have a lot of good thing. Such as email, web search engines, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites. We have success stories through social network site in marriage, partnership, friendship and social interaction on culture. But, not being proper without our own philosophy can damage rather than unrich lives. Now we need wisdom for using technology.

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