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Immigration Research Proposal

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What is the quote that you are responding to?
In the documentary film, Undocumented: a film by an undocumented American, Jose Antonio Vargas states that their mission is to “heighten awareness and increase understanding of the plight of undocumented immigrants, achieve political consensus that undocumented immigrants are inexorably part of America’s future; and secure a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants” (Vargas). What are the issues being raised and why are they issues?

Jose Vargas is an immigrant who migrated here when he was twelve from the Philippines, he worked towards his American dream and it was all taken away from him by one question he was asked by Mark Zucherberg, creator of Facebook, “Jose, where are you from?” simply five words took all of the “success” Jose Vargas had, which in turn made him spark a revolution bringing awareness to the American people that they are not illegal aliens they are human beings just like those who are pointing fingers. The issues brought to people’s attention are that they are here illegally, do not pay taxes or contribute to society, and do not have intentions of becoming legal citizens. Who is saying what about it?

Under president Obama’s cabinet they created The Dream Act which states, “The California Dream Act is the name given to Assembly Bills 130 & 131, which allows some undocumented students to apply for and receive state-based financial aid and institutional scholarships. The 2011 passage of AB 130 & 131 symbolizes a milestone victory for undocumented students and allies who organized and advocated for increased access to college. Now that the California Dream Act is a reality, let’s make it a success!” (E4FC)

California being a liberal state, it tends to try and create equal opportunity for all of those inside the state as in the civil liberties of the United States of America intended. This raises a lot of controversial topics raised in many debates, mostly political, but also domestically. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee states, “I want to use my time and the committee’s time to do something,” We worked for three months on that two years ago, and then the House didn’t do anything” (Derrick). The general ideology beyond this is simply based upon Congress being mostly Republicans who a majority of them are against immigration. Undocumented immigrations numbers are increasing every year, and Congress is denying the ratification of any laws, bills, and proposals towards making the undocumented, documented citizens. What do you intend to argue?

I intend to argue the purpose of us the American people to stop treating undocumented Americans as “illegal aliens” and start to treat them as citizens of the United States, because everyone has an immigrant in their family considering there are no “true” Americans. In the late 1700’s when Hamilton and Jefferson and others migrated here to the 13 colonies from Great Britain and created the Union. With proper bills and laws proposed we can go away from the idea: there is one American and go to there are many Americans.

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