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Immigration Reform Essays

Immigration Reform Is One of America’s Major Problem

The deciding factors that can affect the midterm election are how immigration reform is taking place. It is a big issue since President Donald Trump believes that immigrants should not be allowed to work in the United States. He believes that in order to live in work in the United …

Socialism a Political Ideology That Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Socialism is a very prominent political ideology in the media and politics today. It has become common that more and more senators and congresspeople alike, have become outspoken on their support of a Democratic Socialism Government. Many seem to love the idea of abolishing capitalism and having the population control …

The American Dream: Immigration

The American Dream: ImmigrationIn 1931 James Truslow Adams came up with the phrase, “the American Dream,” meaning that everyone should receive a fuller and richer life with opportunities for achievements (Foster, Kirk, Rank, and Hirschl). The American Dream was made possible through the aspects of peace, prosperity, and opportunity. After …

Why Is Being a Citizen So Important?

While a majority of people living in America are natural-born United States citizens, millions of others are either Permanent Residents or undocumented immigrants. Although life in America is often a vast improvement from life in their country of origin, permanent residents will often learn that they face certain exclusions and …

The American Presidency (Barack Obama)

America, the most powerful countries in the world, and its leadership is one of the most important things to watch out for. Unlike many other countries, the president of America is vested with high power and authority, and this makes him the most powerful official in the world. America had …

Immigration Is One of the Main Topics in the United States

Immigration has and will always be a major topic here in the United States. From non natives coming from all around the world legally and illegally, this idea has always brought both positive and negative sides of the spectrum of immigration. Positive views go to show that immigrants are benefiting …

Conflicting Opinions on a Political Topic

Politics, in general, can be unsettling topic to discuss because it can be a very controversial topic due to citizens can voice their opinions about what they think politically, therefore, ending up into a heated argument. Democrats and Republicans have very different opposing viewpoints on gun control, abortion, and immigration. …

Immigration After American Civil War

After the American Civil War, immigration has carried out an integral position considered as a sophisticated threat to religious, cultural, economic, and political aspects. Due to immigration from Europe, the United States populace accelerated fantastically, whereby it has allowed various views or angles in Nativism and Racism. Both of those …

The Government Makes a Country

A good government can provide a healthy government, but a corrupt government can break a nation. Throughout U.S. history we have predominantly two types of governments. The two types have been around since the beginning of America. Both have their unique abilities. Although we have a presidential system we are …

The United States-Mexico Border Region

The United States for decades has benefitted at the cost of lThe United States-Mexican border is one of the most complex and influential boundaries in the world, in this region one could research the social, economic and political aspects intertwined. Particularly, the border between San Diego-Tijuana is a place of …

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