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Immigration Essay

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Immigration has always been a part of globalization, starting from the first hunter-gatherers that occupied the world in prehistoric times. These nomads would often move from place to place in search for their food and a more comfortable place to live, and at the same time leaving a major impact on the culture and way of life in a certain area. In those times it was essential for people to migrate to new areas to succeed in surviving. Many people migrate from their homelands in search of a better life, religious freedom, and for better chance at having an education. Recently though, immigration has become a very controversial topic in many economic debates. Now in the 21st century immigration is sometimes viewed as a bad thing in the eyes of many conservatives, but in a more liberal person’s view immigration seems to have a positive effect on today’s economy and culture. Many immigrants in the past have contributed to America’s growth in cultural, economic, political, and technical advancements.

Even though at times some immigrants that migrate to the United States have to forcefully leave their homelands, they bring with them tidbits of their culture with them. These tidbits of culture have influenced the way America is today. Like the first African slaves brought into the unites states, they brought with them new styles of music and dances that would later give us what we have today. Their music and dance evolved to the pop and rap music of America and given us people like Michael Jackson who have elevated the status of American music industry and influenced many foreign artists. Another group of people having to forcefully leave were the irish, due to famine. They have influenced parts of America like the city of Boston and New York.

Immigrants here in the Unites States also help with the economic status of our country. Many immigrants are willing to work jobs that pay low wages and at times have no benefits. These are jobs that others wouldn’t normally perform for such low wages like landscaping and farm working. None the less these jobs are essential to keep our economy flowing. Take the farming and raising of grain which is one of the most exported product of the United States. Without the people working on the fields, our grain distribution would most likely fail and we would lose one of our most profitable sources. Thanks to these people willing to work such hard jobs at low wages America is still flowing and growing.

Others that migrate into this country are here for better schools and a better education. Some of the immigrants that arrive have a better view on their education than the natives here in America. They value the chance of having schools and a system where they are rewarded for their levels in education. They help in giving America new advances in the areas of science and engineering, taking new ideas abroad and helping other countries advance the ways in which things are done. New advancements in the area of medicinal products help lesser countries like Africa and South America. These immigrants help largely in America’s globalization in the area of education, sharing new ideas and advancements in technology, and in the medical field as well.

Immigration and globalization will always go hand in hand. From an economic point of view, the effects it has on our culture, and in the area of education and how its spread throughout the world. I believe immigration plays a huge role in Americas globalization process. It won’t always be a good thing but I feel it is necessary for the growth of our country and our economy. in the spreading of American culture to our neighboring countries and the sharing of new American ingenuity to help shape the worls into what it is and into what it has the potential of becoming.

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