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Imelda Cafeteria The Prevention of Imelda Cafeterias Potential Downfall

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ll Background of the case Imelda Cafeteria is a five month old business, located in front of ABC University in Intramuros. Regular customers are students, employees and faculty members of Lyceum. Imelda the owner manager is a full time faculty of Lyceum. The food is good and the price is reasonable. The services of the cafeteria girls are quite efficient. However, Imelda is strict and sometimes temperamental. She corrects the eating manners of students whenever these are not proper. As a result, they feel embarrassed. She also scolds her assistants in the presence of customers. Statement of the problem What would be theaction that must be taken to prevent the potential downfall of Imeldas Cafeteria What skills are lacking on the part of Imelda Objective To prevent the potential downfall of Imeldas Cafeteria. To know the process that should be done, in order to prevent the potential downfall of Imeldas Cafeteria. Areas of Consideration Imelda is strict and sometimes temperamental. Imelda is the owner-manager of the Imelda cafeteria. Imelda is a Fulltime faculty of XYZ University. The great potential of the business. The potential downfall of the business. Embarrassment of the student and assistant manager.

The morale of the students. Alternative Course of Action 1. Try to advice Imelda to lessen her strict attitude. Advantage It will prevent the embarrassment of the student and assistant manager. It will prevent the potential downfall of the cafeteria. Disadvantage Scolds me, as her assistant. The Possibility of being fired. 2. Dont meddle and just let things go the way she wanted. Advantage It will help the students to develop the students good eating manner. The assistant will not be fired. Disadvantage The students will still embarrassed and developed stranglehold towards Imelda. The students Might not ruturn again to the cafeteria Potential Downfall might happen. It will affect the moral of the students. Recommendation If I were the assistant I will try to advice Imelda to lessen her strict and temperamental attitude, to prevent the feeling of embarrassment of the student and I as the assistant is getting. She might feel also embarrassed or get angry with me and the worst case scenario is fire me, but I believe that she will understand what Im trying to say, and it is the only way to preventthe potential downfall of the cafeteria.

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