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Ideal Friend

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List and describe the top 10 characteristics you look for in a close friend. Be sure to explain why each characteristic is important to you.

A friend is a person whom one has a bond of mutual affection. Friend is defined many ways in many dictionaries because the definition of friendships varies from one person to the next. In college many think it’s “popular” or “cool’ to have a large group of friends. I on the other hand could care less about the number of people I call friend. In order to have a friend you must first know how to be one. It takes time to get to know someone to truly call them a close friend. Also it is vital that my friends have distinct characteristics so that our friendship can grow. What I want in a friend is something simple yet complex, when I choose my friends I would like them to be honest, confident, loyal, humble, positive, motivational, respectful, patient, generous and trustworthy. This paper will discuss the importance of each characteristic in detail. 1. Honest

An honest friend is a friend who is free of deceit and untruthfulness. Honesty is one of the most important characteristics I look for in a close friend. This characteristic is important because with honesty many other great qualities along whit it. Honesty is an aspect of moral character and imply positive and virtues attributes such as integrity, truthfulness and straight forwardness. I wouldn’t have to worry about being lied too or stolen from with a honest friend. Also having honesty shows that the person is sincere about our friendship. I find no reason to have a friend who isn’t honest about everything. 2. Confident

Confidence is belief in oneself and abilities. In other words I want my friend to have self-confidence, the ability to posses the absolute sureness of feeling that they can complete any task at hand. A self-confident friend is a unique characteristic because it takes a brave individual to remain confident. It wouldn’t be hard for me to distinguish a confident person from one who isn’t because the trait shines through the person in everything they do. A confident friend would not only believe in themselves be also believes in me wholeheartedly. When a task seems hard a friend that is confident will push me to complete and excel because he or she simply believes in my potential, talents, skills, and abilities, and also a confident friend gives off a positive feeling that lifts your me up. The confident friend is a great friend just as long as they’re not too cocky with their confidence. 3. Loyal

When a friend is loyal that means he or she gives or show firm and constant support or allegiance to a person. Loyalty is a very good trait to look for in friends. If my friends are loyal to me then I know that they will never betray my trust. I believe having and being a loyal friend shows that person have complete devotion and will always back me up without question when I’m right. I will have someone that will always be there for me when I need them. A loyal friend is a true friend because they never put anyone else before you. Loyalty shows that a friend is mature and will treat me as one of their own family members, and will always be a listening ear when I need to vent, a shoulder when I need to cry, and an open hand when I need some real honesty. A loyal friend does not judge, assume, expect anything in return, and will help me at all times. 4. Humble

Although I will like my friend to be confident it certain situations it is also important that my friend is humble. A humble friend has an admirable quality that not many people possess. It means that a person may have accomplished great things but doesn’t feel it is necessary to advertise or brag about it. True humbleness or humility comes from the awareness of one’s own lack of superiority and acknowledgment of apparent weaknesses, leading to the submission of one’s own self to the service of others without judgment. This characteristic is important because a humble friend won’t let pride get in the way of our friendship. 5. Positive

I am the type of person that don’t like being around negative people for a long period of time. Negativity to me is like a disease that can get inside of you if you are exposed to too much of it. That is the reason my friend must be a positive person before we are able to hang out and be around each other. With positive people around that think positive good things seem to follow. When no one else believes in me, and sometimes when I doubt myself, a positive friend is there completely certain that I can do anything I put my mind to in life. This characteristic in a friend displays the trait of a person who’s always pumping me up, cheering me on, and never letting me quit. If need be, they will go through anything with me because they simply believes in my capabilities. Especially in a world of negative emotions and thoughts, the positive energy and light of a friend is very important to keep me sane in crazy times. 6. Motivational

In order for a friend to be positive they also have to be motivational. This friend is the one who pushes me to take one more step or jump when I feel like giving up and throwing in the towel. At times I become lazy and I need a motivational friend to stay on me like they’re my sergeant. A motivational friend gives off positive vibes and sets a good example so that I won’t be lazy and do what needs to be done. My close friend is one of my motivators she encourages me to stay on top of my studies and reminds me how important it is to have an education. A motivational friend is a must-have friend, because during my most painful or difficult times such as emotional healing, reaching a goal, or changing a bad habit that friend always motivates me to do what’s right.

7. Respectful

Respect is very important when it comes to friendship. It is taking someone’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes and preferences into consideration by taking all of these things seriously and giving them worth and value. A respectful friend just can’t tell me their respectful they must show me that they respect our friendship. A respectful friend knows their place in and role in my life, and will not exceed that. This characteristic shows that my friend will respect me enough to not do anything that may disrespect or offend our bond of best friendship.

8. Patient

Patience is indeed a virtue and in other words not too many people have genuine patience. I find it kind of interesting that many young people lack this great characteristic. I want my friend to be patient me and I will be patient in return. Often time we let frustration get in the way and lose patience with one another. A patient friend will not rush me into things that I’m not at the point to do just yet, but rather walk with me and stay by my side no matter how long it takes me to finish something. 9. Generous

A generous friend is a good friend to have not for the handouts they offer but just for their time they will give to our friendship. This characteristic is important to me because generous people are altruistic. Meaning they give without hopes of receiving anything back for their good deeds. And when it comes to being friends and if you’re a true friend you shouldn’t do things for your friend just for something in return. I like for my friends to be generous because it shows that they care and want to keep our friendship going. 10. Trustworthy

It is very important to have trustworthy friend because this characteristics shows that you have someone to confide in about any and everything. A trustworthy friend matches their words and feelings with their thoughts and actions. They do not say one thing and do another. Also having a trustworthy friend means I have a friend to rely on whenever I need help with a situation. With having a trustworthy friend I don’t have to worry about them being bias. In closing, if you were able to open up and dissect my close friends you will find a dose of these characteristics in their heart. Throughout my life I have learned that as life goes on we meet new friends along the way. Among all the people I have met I can distinguish whose my friend. When my friends show these characteristics it builds a bond memories of our friendship in life that left a positive impact on me. There has been many times in my life when I was struggling with a problem, down about a situation, and just wanted to hang out. I am thankful to have rare individuals I call friends to always be my side through this journey called life.

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