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How-to do essay: How to repair a flat on a tire

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I’m going to write about how to repair a flat on the deck.

Your out driving with your car and suddenly bang you hear and the car is bumping.

You turn into the side of the road and you go out side and of course you got a flat!

But don’t worry I’m now going to tell you how to fix this the easiest way.

First of all you should make sure you have the handbrake tightened and the shift in gear to make sure the vehicle doesn’t move. Preferably you have parked on a level spot with firm ground.

Then when standing out there you should go back to your trunk to check if you have the following:

* A jack

* Screw driver

* Spare tire

* Socket wrench.

Having all these things will make things easy!

Now if you have a car with hubcaps you should take the screwdriver and try to flip out the hub cup from the tire, after that you see the wheel bolts.

Now take the socket wrench and turn it counter clockwise to loosen the bolts, but remember before you can unscrew them completely you have to lift the car up of course.

Then you have to use the jack and if you go down and check under the car you
should find a special spot for the jack called jack point.

When you’ve put the jack on the right spot you shouldn’t have any family in the car because then it can go very bad and you should not have your engine on either.

Now you need to use the jack to elevate the car and how that’s done you can read in the owner’s manual or have me explain it some other time.

With the car in the air you unscrew the bolts completely and remove the flat tire.

Now you have to use your big strong arms and lift the tire out from the trunk and roll it all the way to whatever corner you had a flat on.

Position the tire where the old one was and tighten the wheel bolts with the socket wrench by turning clockwise.

When the tire is stabilised you can lower the jack and slowly and safely put your car down on the ground. Don’t forget to tighten the bolts HARD when the car is firmly on the ground. Driving a car with only three wheels is not recommended for traffic safety.

Then you pack your stuff into the trunk where it came from and tell the family to get in the car.

Now lets hope you won’t get another flat before you get home, and if all above fails call a tow truck.

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