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How Society Conforms

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So you want to be known as one of the cool kids? The fact is, sometimes those cool kids arent really as cool as one may think. The quote, Our desire to conform is greater than our respect for objective facts, said by Margaret Drabble, is one that explains how the majority of society is under this pressure to be accepted. With all this pressure to belong, sometimes people lose who they really are just to fit in. In todays world people engage in certain activities that could really hurt them. Many people look over the real facts of the matter and their consequences and do things in the spare of the moment to become accepted and well like amongst a certain group of people. Its human nature to sometimes imitate what one sees. I strongly agree with the quote simply because I believe that more and more people everyday strives to be like other people instead of being themselves. People are conforming to be accepted more every day, and it is a growing problem in todays world.

High school is always going to be full of kids categorized into all sorts of cliques. In some schools there are the so called, popular kids and in many cases these popular kids usually get involved in bad things such as alcohol and drugs. The problem with this is there are other kids who want to be just like the popular kids and to do that they believe that acting like them will make them cool. So these kids start trying to talk to these popular kids and the minute they get invited to a party they know what to expect, lots of alcohol and drugs. The kids would do anything to become popular so they go to these parties and start drinking, and smoking, and many times engulf themselves with drugs.

Now, all these kids know that involving themselves in activities like this is horrible for their bodies especially at the rate everything happens. They think that engaging in these activities will make them cool for now and thats all they care about. Society today needs to really start planning for their futures and focusing on that alone; because if we all just focus on the current times we will not be able to plan for the consequences of our actions. Teens these days have more information than any other generation out there, however, theyre the ones with the most problems because most of them arent busy planning for their future. Their main focus is to fit in instead of looking at the big picture and the real facts of the matter.

When people conform to something they basically come together to one. When people become total conformists they lose their individualism and the fact is, they cant think for themselves. For example, many people conform together based on clothing, especially when one piece of clothing or accessory is worn by a person with a high status, such as a celebrity. When a celebrity wears something it is usual to indorse it so that other people will buy it. For instance, if a rapper wears a certain pair of shoes then kids who like that rapper will probably want those shoes. The craze of extremely colorful shoes started a couple of years ago because someone decided that it would be cool to make shoes of various colors.

However, the style is believed to look best when every color on the shoe is worn in ones entire outfit, even if that means wearing four or five shirts, three necklaces and two bracelets on each hand. The fact is that wearing four or five shirts in the spring and summer just doesnt make any sense since it is hot outside. There is no need to perfectly match with every color of a persons shoe. These people really dont realize how outlandish it looks because they think they are being cool. These kids have a certain crowd they desire to fit in with so they all dress the same.

Society today is so concerned with being just like everyone else. Everyone wants to be cool and accepted amongst the world. One must act a certain way and conform to the majority of people. The quote, Our desire to conform is greater than our respect for objective facts, said by Margaret Drabble, is one that describes our world today in that it sums up that people usually just do things to be like everyone else, even if it really doesnt make any sense what so ever. The way people base things on what the crowd is doing rather than what is the right and logical choice is one of the many issues of todays society.

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