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Hotel Familiarization

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On August 13, 2014, we the 1st year BS-Tourism Management students held an educational tour in some of the Hotels here in Metro Manila and a running tour in the Famous Rizal Park and the Historic Intramuros, and most especially the main event of the tour is in the Bay View Park Hotel and Manila Hotel. The Educational tour started out as an escape from school for most of us students, bonding with friends, chance to unwind and of course, to learn new things and to gain knowledge at the same time that we may apply someday. Before we start our tour, our tour guide introduced himself to us together with the Bus Driver but the tour guide introduced him as our “Captain”. We started our tour going through the Famous Rizal Park all the way to the Historic Intramuros, all tough it was just a running tour, we learn a lot especially during the World War II if I’m not mistaken. After visiting the famous Rizal Park and Historic Intramuros, we went to our first main event of the Tour which is the Hotel Ocular in Bay View Park Hotel, a 3 Star Hotel. Trivia: It was named Bay View Park Hotel because from the name itself Bay View. Some part of the hotel is the viewing the Manila Bay. Great food, friendly staffs, good amenities, complete facilities, and everything you would ask for you never thought it was just a 3 star Hotel. We ate our breakfast, the pasta is good.

The coffee and iced tea is great. After we ate, the Hotel staff conducted a Seminar, focusing on how to dressed a bed in a proper way or in a hotel standard way. After that, we started our Hotel Ocular. Lunch…….First to talk about is the food. “Wow!” I think this expression summarizes everything about the food in Dads. First I had is their pastry, Japanese food, tuna etc. The croissant was really delicious, the juice was great and the cookies were perfect. I even learned from one of the Dads Cook (if I’m not mistaken), that their pastries were being purchased by other hotels and restaurants. Almost every kind of food was served in the buffet. I was amazed by the Japanese food, delicious juices of every kind, and the unfamiliar fruits that taste so good, the oozing delicious desserts, not to mention the excellent staff that assisted us. My stay at Dad’s was really awesome and satisfying. Great food, friendly staff, cozy and high tech rooms, complete facilities, nearby malls, and everything you would ask for in your second home is in the famous and first class, The Manila Hotel. Even though I did not experience to stay for a night in high-class room, I enjoyed the glamour of the place and felt like a very important guest.

Next are the friendly employees. The moment we arrived at the hotel, I was very nervous and insecure of how I look and present myself because of the formal environment of The Manila Hotel. Thanks those staff, who opened the door to us, greeted me with, a friendly voice that making me feel much better. She gave me a sense of belongingness and because she is smiling at me, I smiled back which made me feel more relaxed. Same goes with the employees whom I met along the beautifully designed corridors. Even when they carry heavy loads and busy meeting the guests’ needs, they did not miss to greet and welcome me with a smile. When I was in the lobby and needed someone to take our pictures, one of the employees volunteered to do so. He took good pictures capturing the hotel’s beauty and elegance. The hotel really chose only the best people for their guests. Last, but definitely not the least, is the room and everything in it. The appliances and lightings, which could be modified to set the mood, were so easy to access. Everything, including the room service is just a button and a phone call away. One of the staff is assigned to us for our Hotel Ocular.

I was amazed when the moment we enter the General Mc Arthur Suite, I never expect it was that so big enough for a room which cost about 6 digits if I’m not mistaken. For a day I felt that I was in control of everything. And the bathroom was brilliant. The bath tub, shower, toilet, and all I needed were there. Extravagance is what I call it. The Manila Hotel is no wonder one of the most visited hotel in the country. With all the things I have mentioned above and a lot more that words can no longer explain, the hotel is indeed one of the best in giving the most important product of hospitality, good service. Not only have they taken good care of their guests but their employees as well. I had proven this when Katherine, the person who showed us the places behind the glamour and luxury of the hotel. I was so glad to meet welcoming staff who enjoy systematize facilities, clean and organize workplace. Because of this, the comfort experienced by the staff was reflected to the way they serve the guests, with sincerity and care. Even though the tour was a bit pricey, I am very glad to say that I was very satisfied with their service and the hotel was worth every penny. Nothing but the best remarks for The Manila Hotel as well in Bay View Park Hotel. The main purpose of this Tour was for us to Differentiate the 3 Star Hotel to a 5 star Hotel.

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