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Hospitality Service

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Hospitality service is to serve others to make them feel special. Service is the intangible and invaluable commodity, at any time and place to sell to the guest. The service also to meet the needs of others pays intelligence and necessary labor. Service:

S — Smile, Sincere
E — Excellent, Efficient
R — Ready, Ready to service
V — Viewing, Visible and valuable
I — Inviting, Informative
C — Creating, Courteous
E — Eye, Excellent
What is Hospitality service
In the traditional concept, a mention service, we will think of the third industry, for example, such as hotels, restaurants, travel and entertainment etc. and is rarely associated with the first and the second industry. In fact, the modern management service concept is very wide, any industries have service, for example, as a enterprise sold or car home appliance that will provide after-sales services such as maintenance and repair; And some enterprise can be called service enterprise, such as dell computer slogan is according to the customer request on the computer, the mass production of the be fond of according to customer POLO can specify car color and etc. In short, the service is to achieve or exceed the expectations of customers. This definition has three important concepts: First is the expectations of customers, it is also customer how to react to the situation with is satisfied or not satisfied, then this is a psychological feeling, mainly is subjective factors; In addition, to meet customer demand is the interests of the objective factors. The second is to reach, namely to meet customer demand and the objective psychology expects. The third is beyond, only to return is not enough, to be the best, head and shoulders above the expectations of customers that is unforgettable. Body

Target Group
Hospitality service can adapt to any age of customer and give them any services what they want. Boost guest frequency and retention with exciting new promotions. Keep your property or destination top of mind. Contact Target Hospitality Marketing to develop focused strategies to attract new guests and keep existing ones. Build loyalty with a memorable guest experience and a clear brand promise that is communicated by every associate at every guest touch point. Ask about our integrated brand developmentstrategies. Seize opportunities with sound market research. Leverage social media to tell your story and build guest relationships. Garner media coverage to promote your events. Gain a strategic edge with online training seminars and workshops. Product

The hotel itself is a product of hospitality services, the stand or fall of it will affect the hotel’s passenger that also can give local tourism brings a lot of interests. I pass through many materials survey and found that different hotel will bring different effects. Such as quick hotel there will be a lot of people who goes to work and the surrounding people go to live in, but large hotel is a lot of special tourism tourists to live. Ordinary hotel will only provide relatively good living environment and some simple tourism service, but large hotel is not only offer the good living environment but also provide many entertainment services to meet the needs of different visitors. Along with the development of society that lots of Hotel launched many fresh living environments, such as Treehouse hotels, Straw bale hotels, Bunker hotels, The Desert Cave Hotel, Capsule hotels, Garden hotels, Underwater hotels and Railway hotels.

All of hotels are provided to the different needs of customers, and let customers can experience new accommodation way and make their tourism provide more fun. Tourism is not only the purpose of tourists that must let visitors feel tourism and other some facilities bring them travel experience. Residence is a very good example, good hotel can extend the tourists traveling time (mainly just the budget travel tourists), and it can be a very good to let them feel the trip was worth and meaningful. Can’t let them feel the tourism is dull, not only waste their money but also wasted their time. This will give the hotel bring many negative influences and also affect the local tourism industry. The hotel as a hospitality service product is very important, and also is an indispensable part. Market plan

The market plan for a hotel is especially important. A good plan can help hotel bring the great gains and it also can overcome effectively and solve the problem when it meet. I believe marketing solutions need to be dynamic, timely and relevant. Markets offer strategic marketing services for travel destinations, hotels, bars, clubs, pubs, and restaurants. Ideas are only ideas until they are developed and refined into a strategy and plan. Successful marketing just doesn’t happen. It requires some thinking, planning and yes, execution. The marketing strategy for your hotel, or for that matter any business, is a high-level summary of where you would like to be within a certain period of time. It should address your overall goals including financial and market share goals, along with desired positioning, product mix and distribution channel. It requires a significant study of your business, its strengths and weaknesses, perceptions, history, opportunities, target audiences, pricing, competitors and external factors. The end result is usually a highly strategic document that will guide marketing decisions and marketing plans for a few years. Conclusion

With the development of society, the level of human life also is rising ceaselessly, and more and more people use their income to enjoy the life. Thus, hospitality service is really important for them. Tourists can choose different tourist site, to experience a new way of life and to enjoy their spare time. Whether your family or friends with, enough choices can provide different tourist life, let them feel the tourism can bring them what they want that rest and entertainment.

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