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HIV Reflection Paper

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My personal perspective here is that we should really take care of ourselves. Taking care of our body is a must our physical body is God’s temple and the reason we are responsible for whatever damage it would have. We shouldn’t abuse our physical body because in the end you might have something to regret after getting the same disease. Like the story of Ivy, who got drunk on her graduation party, she was raped by a drug pusher without her knowing that’s the main reason why she got HIV. Just because of recklessness, her life is in danger . Second thing is that, we need to be responsible enough for our own actions.

We must not be selfish. Before we act, we must think of the consequences wemight face. Just like Vanessa, who still involves herself in sex despite the probability that shemay transfer HIV to his partner. At the latter part of the movie, Vanessa has been ganged up bymen, and in my implication, those men are relatives of the past partners of Vanessa. The thirdthing is that, We should help each other. Virgilio Bustamante (Jake Cuenca) is a victim of thevirus. He’s that kind of a victim who doesn’t just sit in the corner and cry over his ill fate, rather,he conquers this challenge with all his might. He wants to have a voice. He wants to impart tothe HIV victims that their life don’t stop right after getting the virus, instead, it’s a start of a fight ± a fight for their life where hope is in existence. There’s something that medicines can’t curenor relievers can’t erase, and that is the love and support that the HIV victims get from their families.

Its objective to give a certain knowledge specifically to the youth was shown n the movie and to the people who do sex. The movie HIV did not only gave details to the audience about the causes and effects of HIV and AIDS but also gave hope to those who have the same disease. It showed that people with HIV should go on with their life and make them productive in an appropriate manner.

In the film, IC Mendoza who played the role Vanessa which I found similarity in terms of attitude. IC had a positive attitude and outlook in life despite of his unhealthy condition. He acted as if there was nothing wrong with him. Likewise, I pretend to be all right most of the time if I am undergoing challenges in life. And despite of all those challenges I am facing I always have a positive outlook in life. I have that kind of attitude because I believe that everything happens for a reason and whatever the reason is, I just have to trust on Him.

The most striking part of the movie that struck me was when Jake Cuenca revealed to his documentary that he was the mysterious man in the dark, V. In that scene, I felt all his emotions including his braveness to pronounce that he was one of the positive HIV carrier. It took him a lot of courage because proclaiming that to the society was also putting him to risk. A risk in exchange of his documentary that will inform all the people about HIV and how people having HIV lives and survive.

If I have been in Gil Bustamante’s (as played by Jake Cuenca) place, I will also find all means to finish my own HIV/AIDS documentary because it will be a great help to all the people. And I believe that whatever you have started you should finish it fir it to have a meaning or sense. Finishing the documentary and let it be watch by the people will inform them to be careful and responsible enough to what they are doing.

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