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Healthcare Marketing

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Chapter 1:
3. An orthopedic group practice has decided to develop a pediatric sports medicine program. Identify potential target markets for this new service. Potential Target Markets in Pediatric sports medicine:

Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools.
Informal or Independent Sports Teams.
Pediatric medical groups or hospitals.
4. In developing the new pediatric sports medicine program (Described above in question 3), What are some of the uncontrollable environmental factors to consider. Some of the uncontrollable environmental factors that need to be considered in this case would be regulatory factors like legal issues and requirements. Social forces such as demographics and cultural trends. Economic factors, like if patient’s parents have health insurance, family income. Competitive forces. 5. A major concern for many healthcare professionals is the belief that marketing “creates” needs. Explain complexity of this issue. A “need” is defined as a “condition in which there is a deficiency of something”. Marketing does sometimes confuse patients and they come to the doctor looking for what they think they “need.” But it is up to the provider to give the correct treatment, education and guidance, towards the correct treatment that they need.

7. Explain the difference between existing customers, target markets, and stakeholders for an acute-care community hospital. Existing customers are the patients that have already been at this facility (the acute-care community hospital) or that are currently being attended there. Target market is a particular group of customers that the organization wants to attract, it might be all the community, people with lower incomes, or patients without health care coverage. Stakeholders of the community hospital would be the suppliers, physicians, employees, government, the community, insurances, etc. All the groups that the community hospital would like to keep a relationship with. CHAPTER 2

2. Children’s Hospital in Boston Massachusetts, has long been considered an outstanding medical center specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric problems. This facility is linked academically to the Harvard University Medical School. Conduct A brief SWOT analysis for Children’s Hospital in light of the present health care environment. STRENGTHS


Wide Array of Services and Programs
Awards and Recognition

New Launches and Partnerships
Extensive Research Activity
Rising Incidence of Diseases in Children
Strategic Agreements and Collaborations

Private Player

Patient Concerns over CHINs
Shortage Of Expertise
Competitive Pressures

3. Describe the possible barriers to entry and exit for:
a. A physician wanting to establish a solo practice office in internal medicine Barriers to Entry:
*Assuming all the costs that come with opening this type of business. (Services, personnel, permits, supplies, technological equipment, etc.) *Getting all the permits needed, and inspections.
* Costs of acquisition of new technology, computers, printers, etc. EMR trainings, plus its cost. *Competitors around the same area.
Barriers to exit:
*Cost of laying off staff.
*Contractual obligations like rent payments.
b. A company offering a Health club facility in the same building where employees work Barriers to Entry:
*Costs of all equipment.
*Education for employees to NOT leave their jobs unattended due to these distractions.
*Permits and regulatory processes.
*Health liability if workers have any injury while enjoying the Health Club. Barriers to exit:
*Employees dissatisfaction.
*Rent or property costs.
*What to do with all of that equipment, sale it? Store it?
c. A tertiary hospital developing a coronary bypass program Barriers to Entry:
*All regulations, credentialing, and permits for the particular physicians (Surgeons) . Tertiary Hospitals are fully equipped. * Government Policies.
* Capital spent in advertising, promotions, incentives, etc. * Affiliation with insurances, to cover surgical expenses for patients. These are pretty expensive. Barriers to Exit:
*Cost of laying off staff.
* Moral implications for the Hospital

5. Retin-A is a topical ointment originally developed for the treatment of severe cases of acne and related skin disorders. An observed side benefit resulting from use of this product is its beneficial effect on aging skin. If the manufacturer of this product decided to pursue the latter market, what type of a growth strategy would it be pursuing? I would say Market Development. In our text it indicates that Market development involves initializing sales of existing products and services in new markets. In this case, the product is the Retin-A ointment. The current market is people with acne. The new market would be people with aging skin. CHAPTER 3

2. What environmental factors would you suggest account for: a. In-company clinics that deal with employee medical problems, such as the one established by Toyota I would say a little bit of all, but the environmental factor that account for the in-company clinics that deal with employee medical problems is the Economic. The reason being, is that just like Toyota, the main thing that moved them to incorporate this in their company, is that they save thousands of dollars. Healthcare costs continue to grow, so corporations are working more aggressively with their health care providers in seeking solutions to rising costs. b. The success of after -hours clinic s and urgent care facilities in many metropolitan areas?

Competitive factors and Social factors. The decline of Hospitals in the metropolitan areas, the high populations and the need for a service all contribute to the success of after-hours clinics and urgent care facilities. Another thing is that it is sometimes more convenient to go to UC than a hospital. 3: Assume you were hired to design a MCO plan targeted to baby boomers in San Antonio, Texas, a city with a large Hispanic population. How would you make this service offering unique to respond to the major trends discussed within this chapter?

5: A primary care medical group has a list of patients who had once used the group on a regular basis as their primary source of care. However, in scanning their records, these patients had not been in for an appointment in the past 2 years. The senior partner wants to send them an informational flyer about the practice and a refrigerator magnet that has the group’s telephone number and afterhours service number. As the marketing director for the practice, evaluate this approach in light of the HIPAA regulations. Can it be implemented?

Sources: http://pdf.marketpublishers.com/global_data/childrens_hospital_boston_strategic_swot_analysis_review.pdf

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