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Health Medical Systems Memo

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There is a large healthcare system in the southwestern part of the US. The organization has started to implement their strategy thus far, by opening a cardiovascular unit. Patients will receive care for, heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular care. The director of staffing has started to create a staffing strategy that will require 35 positions to be filled. The staffing strategy that is being recommended is as follows, 1. Placing advertisements in the local newspapers

2. Contact staffing agencies that specialize in placing technicians into healthcare facilities 3. Organize a job fair and invite local professional to attend 4. Offer a $1,000 dollar signing bonus to anyone who joins the organization and stays for at least 180 days. To add to this staffing strategy, alignment to organizational goals and strategy, filling openings, staff balance, diversity goals, retention, employee development, and work environment all need to be evaluated by the project managers, team leaders, department managers, and directors before it can be put in motion. To the degree of SWOT, the staffing strategy aligns with the companies new strategic direction. For this strategic plan to be implemented effectively, “the career development, performance managements and reward systems will be reviewed to ensure linkage and support of the strategic intent. For this strategic plan to be successful, management has found that linking their strategic plan to their internal systems and structures to ensure overall alignment and to avoid any confusion.” (Ott, C., KZats, A. D., and Thomas, G.J., 2015)

Additional recommendations for this strategic staffing strategy, to be implemented effectively and meet organizational goals may consist of; “Participation in implementation helps to counteract the disruption in communication flows, which often accompanies implementation of a change. Educating employees about the strategy before, after, and during implementation. Group involvement may be able to persuade reluctant individuals to support the staffing strategy.” (Ott, C., KZats, A. D., and Thomas, G.J., 2015) In conclusion, management is the key to educating employees of this staffing strategy, for the strategy to be implemented successfully and at ease for the company and the employees. By reviewing the additional recommendations and assuring that everyone is on board with the same information and employees are excited to bring in new technicians to make their jobs easier will make the staffing strategy that much easier to implement effectively across the company. As a writer of this memo, as the company covers all implementation practices as outlined in this memo, the company should have no issues putting the strategy into affect.


Mochal, T. “Develop a staffing strategy when making hiring decisions.” (2003). Retrieved February 15, 2015 from http://www.techrepublic.com/article/develop-a-staffing-strategy-when-making-hiring-decisions/ Ott, C., KZatz, A. D., and Thomas, G. J. “Strategy implementation” (2015) Retrieved February 15, 2015 from http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/management/Sc-Str/Strategy-Implementation.html

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