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Health and Care Argumentative

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1.Data Protection
Information must be stored safely and not disclosed to any other personal. Most information is sensitive and therefore not available to the general public so it is important that information is stored securely so it cannot be accessed by people who have no right to see it. 2.Grievance

Raise my grievance to employer and it can be resolved and settled the matter efficiently and quickly. 3.Conflict Management
Both me and my employer need to know how far my work to be in terms of responsibilities, type of work and pay scales. Both parties need to know the law and strict rules of conduct to perform the working duties. I am being paid to a job and if I do not follow the agreed ways, I could cause harm to myself and others and I could get disciplinary act, which could lead to dismissal or even prosecution if I break the law. 4.Anti-discriminatory practice

Working in a way that does not discriminate against anyone regardless of race, religion, capabilities and background. 5.Health and safety
Employer must consult me relating to my health and safety at work eg. Giving information, instruction, training and supervision on health and safety. 6.Confidentiality
Respect confidential information and knowing when it is appropriate to share. Knowing to respect each person as individual and to keep their wellbeing confidential. 7.Whistleblowing

There are times when we feel concerned about something at work. If I uncover poor practice in the services, I should inform our employer. As an employer, my identity will not be disclosed.

My work has many responsibilities. I must follow the agreed rules given by my employer and support the people I cared for. It is important that I understand and respect what the individuals I work with say they need. I must protect my clients rights and encourage their interests. Establish and maintain their trust and confidence, protect them from danger and harm and encourage their independence. I must be reliable and dependable. Be honest and trustworthy. I must not discriminate against anyone. Maintain clear and accurate records in the careplan. Respect confidential information. It is my duty to report if there is any concerns of my colleagues who may have of bad practice. Bvii

a. I have a professional duty of care to the people I cared for. I support and help my clients who don’t seem to be able to make it on their own anymore and it’s my duty to promote and support them to live as independence as possible. I ensure that I deliver highest standard to vulnerable people eg emotional support day in and day out. b. I have to work as agreed set by my employer and my employer can use it to make sure that my job meets their standards requirements and if I don’t, I may get disciplinary action or termination. Bviii

My work is directly a care suport of caring people with multiple disabilities and elderly people. I ensure they have the support to become independent, protect them from harm and respect their rights. I to treat them as individual and do not discriminate anyone. I must follow strictly the duties and responsibilities of my job and what my employer expects of me. I must be able to provide knowledgeable skills and it to be performed effectively. Bix

a. Care Quality Commission
b. Skills for Care

Care Quality Commission check all hospitals and care home to ensure they meets national standards and share their findings with the public.

Skills for Care ensure that social care workforce have the appropriate skilled people and deliver high quality social care.

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