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Hardware and Software Selection Paper

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Riordan Manufacturing current troubles in the Finance and Accounting systems can no longer be accepted. The company’s turmoil has become evident to vendors and customers. The decision to invest in a system that will integrate their financial and accounting systems from their four locations has become a top priority. The CFO of the company has found a state of the art systems; Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP II). The estimated cost of the new system will be about $1,350,000. The new systems will integrate the finance and accounting systems from all four locations (Michigan, Georgia, China, and California). The systems will include the general ledger modules like the chart of accounts, inventory, payroll, job costing, purchasing, sales, invoice, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and shipping just to mention a few, of the sub modules in the new system. The advantages of the MRP II systems will be the addition of new systems that will help the affectivity of the company.

The new systems will have supply chain management systems; which will help with the transition from purchasing their raw materials, all the way to the process of selling them to the customers. They will also have planning and scheduling (APS) systems, which will synchronize the flow of materials for all four locations; the system will help each location the information to meet adequately, the expectations of his or her orders. MRP II systems are also known to have customer management systems, and business intelligence systems, which can help the relationship between the company and their customers. Riordan will be able to maximize their customers’ need.

The unlimited amount of software that can be integrated in MRP II systems will require also a great deal of an investment on hardware. The San Jose, California location which is the headquarters will be the centralized database; they will the mainframe computers and be responsible for the systems’ configurations. All locations may require new hardware as well; they will have to upgrade computers and make sure they have internet portals, and have sub-centralized databases as well. The integration will also demand training in all facilities, technical support, and business support. The investment is costly but it will reduced inventory investment, improved asset management; like cash and receivables. The company will benefit by having better decision making and resolving their inner company problems.

Many different departments of Riordan will need access to different levels of the new system. The accounting clerk needs access to enter and edit billings, payments and adjustments of credits or debits, but only needs to view reports such as the general ledger and month end reports. The General Accountant and the General Accounting Supervisor, on the other hand, will need access to edit these reports. The Director of Accounting and Finance will need access to review and edit these reports as well as reports from other departments in the Finance area, such as Accounts Payable and Credit. The president, CEO, COO and CFO will need access to view the entire system, from month end reports down to payment reports. Although, upper and middle management will normally not need to view the lower reports, questions arise from month and year end report that require investigation using reports such as payments histories and aging.

The Software and Hardware programs will provide types of reports that will generate for Riordan Manufacturing, which will be to check accuracy and reliability of accounting data, timely performance reports, control activities and review of internal audits. Checking accuracy and reliability of accounting data report will determine all payroll and invoices are done correctly. The reports will also allow for management to evaluate payroll verification and all invoices are paid and sent on time, no delays. Timely performance reports will go based on employees timecards or any money held responsibilities. Having reports on timecards is important due to being the top frauds for manufacturers; employees are able to cheat on his or her timecard by allowing another employee punching him or her in or out.

Invoices reports will allow management to determine to verify if supplies on invoices are a necessity for the company and if all invoices are on behalf of the companies needs. Riordan Manufacturing will be able to analyze all employees work tasks by having reports on control activities. The control activities will allow management and top management know if all tasks are completed on a daily basis and if employees are completing there tasks accurately. By having the software or hardware that will report the activity report will allow management to know if any dishonestly employee is trying to cheat the system by submitting false data.

Not only will the activity report inform if all tasks are completed and accurate but will also provide information that deals with money, for example, cashiers or receptionists. Lastly, the review of internal audits will report any inaccurate information or fraud that is being held within Riordan Manufacturing. Fraud is committed daily, company cannot determine who exactly or how it’s being processed until the auditor completes his or her review towards the company. The review of internal audits will benefit Riordan Manufacturing by preventing in having a risk of losing revenues.

At Riordan it’s very important to determine what security should be made public and private. Public security falls under the category “internet” and private as the “intranet.” The internet is a public copy of the network that is accessible by the public. For example, on the internet the public can view Riordan’s web page, and spend their time viewing the information that is available. This is the external part of the network that represents the image Riordan wants the world to see. On the other side of the spectrum is the intranet. The intranet is viewed solely for the purpose of Riordan and its employees. Employees at Riordan can access the intranet, get their information, and use it to complete their jobs. Both the internet and intranet use similar hardware and software; however, they are used for two completely different functions.

In a corporate setting such as Riordan Manufacturing the intranet is a pipe line used to distribute and receive information. The intranet allows employees to meet and discuss information without having to leave the seat of their chair. The intranet improves a company’s ability to communicate and manage their information. The use of the intranet at Riordan promotes a higher rate of productivity because the information is readily accessible. Unlike the internet, the intranet is built for speed and not show.

In addition to employees having access to Riordan intranet, the company must make sure certain information is available. Some information that must be viewable by all employees includes but is not limited to email, newsletters, Riordan’s policies and procedures. Riordan must also provide access to archived files that can be shared by the company. Everything that is viewable on the intranet will not be viewable in the internet.

There are a variety of issues facing Riordan Manufacturing when it comes to the implementation of hardware and software systems. Data that is sourced from all parts of the companies departments will have to integrate from all sources. Access to Riordan’s information system will have to be provided to all employees, regardless of what department or what location they’re working from. Implementation of these new systems must be made readily available 24/7. These systems must be fast, reliable, and most importantly secure. Taking the proper steps to ensure who will need access to this information, from what controls will need to be in place, what types of reports will need to be generated, and to what should been seen via the internet/intranet all important stepping in putting the pieces of the puzzle together.


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