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Go Back To Where You Came From Episode 1

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The nature of a discovery can be confronting in ways that are hesitant. The discovery that the passports and mobile phones of the participants are being taken away has a shocked feeling towards Raye which is expressed through middle close up camera shot. The natural lighting of the closed room indicates the rawness of her discovery which is foreshadowing the confronting discoveries of the future. A discovery may occur because of deliberate planning. The use of mise en scene where the participants’ phones and passports are taken away emphases how the narrator is leading the participants on a journey. This is indicated by the elevated narrator of Dr David Corlet who is standing on a raises surface conveying his power over the participants. An emotional discovery may involve the effects of past experiences. The neutral mid-range shot of Raye as she discovers that the baby of a previous refugee died because of lack of money to buy medicine indicates that the emotional effects of a discovery can be emerged from past experiences.

This is combined with soft non diegetic sombre toned music to enhance the heartbroken feelings of Raye as she too has problems conceiving a child. A rediscovery might cause individuals to feel traumatised. The soft non diegetic sombre music is combined with a neutral shot to highlight the rawness of Wassmi’s feelings towards water as he has post traumatic distress order and is afraid of the water. The sight of water brings back memories of the boat disaster for him. The emotional ramifications of a discovery could include feeling shocked. The mid-range close up shot of Roderick and Barati is combined with soft tempo non diegetic music as Roderick discovers that in Barati ‘s political group three hundred people were killed for being in opposition. The use of mise en scene of the coffee cups portrays the casual conversion which is juxtaposed against the seriousness of the conversion.

The emotional ramifications of a discovery could include feeling depressed. The misc en scene of the dark grey clouds in the background indicates the emotions felt by the participants, this is coupled with depressive non diegetic tone of music A rediscovery might cause individuals to feel sad. The waist shot of Missara combined with soft tempo non diegetic music highlights here feelings as the memories of her sisters being raped and her mother being beaten. A discovery may generate a new idea such as the tough conditions refugees face and why they are so desperate. This is portrayed through Raye when a close up shot and soft tempo relieve music conveys the point where her views of refugees are about to change. A discovery may be confronting. The discovery by the participants that they will be travelling by an old boat creates a lot of shock for them which is highlighted by the deep drum sounds of the non-diegetic music. Episode 2 –

Discoveries can be proactive. The close up midrange shot of Raye after they discover the living conditions of the Chin Family. The natural sound and natural lightning highlight the rawness and serious conditions the Chin Family live. This is combined with dark music. An individual may be motivated to begin to explore or discover by curiosity. The reoccurring symbol of the van that transports the participants around represents their discoveries. This is combined with a close up shot of all the participants in the van to show that they are all on the same journey. A discovery might be caused by a sense of wonder at the happiness of the children from the Chin Family. Raye and Glenny are both impressed by how happy the children are despite growing up in their horrible living conditions and not having as much as other children in the world.

The close up of their faces in the scene highlights their happiness which is combined with soft tempo music The nature of a discovery is that it is created after experiencing an event. The constant soft tempo non diegetic music is repeated throughout the documentary and acts as a symbol for a participant’s discovery. The emotional ramifications of a discovery might be excitement and shock. The fast pace and high tempo non diegetic music is combined with the fast flashes of light in the misc en scene to reflect the fast heartbeats of the participants. Also the choice not to beep out swear words highlights the rawness and the frustration the participants feel. Discoveries can be proactive and confrontational. The slow moving close up of the participants are combined with the interview by Dr David Coorlet. This is combined with the shifting camera scenes conveys the reactions of each participant. The diegetic sounds are swallowed by the slow tempo non diegetic sound when Adam reveals that he would travel by boat indicates the discovery made and the changed opinion he has. Episode 3 –

A discovery can reveal something that has been concealed such as the conditions of the refugee home countries. The long shot and the increasing volume of music shows the sun raises which is paralleled to the discoveries going to be made by the participants. A discovery may be result of careful and deliberate planning. The combination of narration, archival footage, graphics and fast hand accounts provides an insight from the director to persuade the audience to change the concrete views society have of refugees. Dr David Corlett leads the audience through the information and facts to give a dominant opinion and to put the audience into the refugee’s situation. Discoveries can be sudden and emotional. The light increasing and decreasing music combined with the short clear sentences spoken by the narrator indicates the seriousness of Daleo’s situation. Discoveries can be intensely meaningful. The high camera angle combined with the soft tempo music indicates how powerless Daleos family is in coming to Australia.

This is paralleled to Whasmi’s mother’s situation. The transforming effects of a discovery on an individual might include being more respected of refugees. This is shown in Racquel where the jauxtoposition between the flashback of herself declaring to be racists to the present where she admits she is badly spoilt. A discovery may cause individuals to imagine them in the situation of others. The experiences of the participants put them in the situations of the refugees. The discovery of wearing bullet proof vests may confirm the belief of an individual that the origins of refugees are very dangerous. When the participants discover that they need to wear bullet proof vests combined with the dark background light conveys the dangerousness and seriousness of the situation.

http://community.boredofstudies.org/44/english-area-study/331128/discover-discovery-%E2%80%93-guide-99-student.html The response –

The discovery of the conditions that refugees live in stimulate a new idea such as the “the other side of the coin”, this is evident in Adam who is interviewed by David Coorlet and admits he never really knew what there life was like. This created an increase intellectual discovery and empathy for refugee. A discovery may generate a new idea such as greater knowledge of the lifestyle of refugees. The use of juxtaposition when Adam is interviewed highlights his changed opinion of refugees from labelling them as “criminals” to understanding the environment they live in. The worth of a discovery may be reconsidered when viewed externally. The use of juxtaposition of Darren’s previous experience at Vila Wood Detention Centre further deeply sinks in the emotional despair of his discovery. This is paralleled to Racquel who after viewing the documentary she has admitted that she was blind eyed to what things were actually liked, this is juxtaposed with a flashback of Raquel being naïve to her experiences.

A discovery may generate a new idea such as a greater perception of the world around them. The use of flashbacks and interviews review the changed perception that Glenny has of the world around her and how lucky she really is. The transforming effects of a discovery on an individual might include a totally new attitude towards refugees. The use of flashbacks indicates her new more compassionate view towards refugees. She admits she would travel on a boat to come to Australia. The transforming effect of a discovery on an individual might include a deeper understanding of the world them. The use of flash backs cross cutting between his chronological experiences shows his decreasing innocence. The nature of a discovery can be transformative. The contrast between the montage at the start and at the end of the documentary highlights the changing opinion of society, from a highly negative opinion of refugees to a more compassionate opinion.

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