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Garbage a Nuisance and Methods of Disposing It

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Garbage has been a major concern from olden times. They not only give foul smell but more badly they are a home to mosquitoes and houseflies. This is the root cause of all the diseases. The pollution caused by the garbage is a very major problem that could result in major health, space, and economic issues. People in India just litter wherever they feel such as roads, ponds as there is no one to tell them. They just make any area a junkyard. Even if there is a dustbin nearby they don’t feel like putting it over there. People do not understand that this could be a very dangerous issue when time passes and especially when it rains. Because of the garbage spread over the areas, other animals consider it as food but they may also contain lot of toxic items like plastic which is harmful for their health. Solution-

One apt solution I would suggest is that we must have Compost Pits for our biodegradable wastes like vegetable peels, animal waste etc. in our locality, households, schools and dustbins checked regularly for non biodegradable waste like plastics, rubber. even we must take the initiative of awaring others that plastics like plastic bags must be reused. Composting is a biological process in which micro-organisms, mainly fungi and bacteria, convert degradable organic waste into humus like substance. This finished product is high in carbon and nitrogen and is an excellent medium for growing plants. The process of composting ensures the waste that is produced in the kitchens is not carelessly thrown and left to rot be a home for flies and give foul smell.

It recycles the nutrients and returns them to the soil as nutrient. Apart from being clean, cheap, and safe, composting can significantly reduce the amount of disposable garbage. Compost pits not only produce the benefit of suitable degradation of waste but even:- Helps reduce the adverse effects of excessive alkalinity, acidity, or the excessive use of chemical fertilizer which is harmful to all humans, plants, fruits especially and even animals. It makes soil easier to cultivate and maintains soil structure. It’s cheap. Other than a shovel, there’s really no other equipment needed. It’s easy. Dig a hole, throw in the waste, cover it up. There’s also no need to monitor the temperature or moisture levels or turn the material- EVER. It doesn’t attract pests.

It is good for disposing of a one-time large load of waste. (such as after a large party, fruit or vegetable canning waste, end-of-season garden or yard waste removal) Reduces Toxins: Soils that have been exposed to toxic matter, such as fuels or pesticides, regenerate into healthy soil faster if composted soil is added to the mix. Composting prevents the spread of these contaminants into water sources and nearby plants, meaning that not only the soil, but also the water and plants in the area will be healthier. Reduces Pollution: Composting keeps organic matter out of landfills, reducing the amount of methane production happening in garbage disposal areas. Promotes Healthy Growth: Soils, trees and plants in areas with compost are healthier. Incidences of plant diseases and pests that kill or damage plants and trees are lower when the soil has composted matter in it. 4. Another indirect factor is due to the healthy growth of plants and trees factors such as increase in rainfall and increase in amount of oxygen and most importantly decrease in green house gases such as carbon dioxide also happens. How To Make A Compost Pit!

Select a piece of ground that gets both sunlight and partial shade during the day. Mark a area 2 x 4 or 3 – 6 feet. Any larger and its really hard to mix, you never want to step into your compost pit. Dig out the marked area to a depth of 1 1/2 to 2 feet. Pile some of the removed soil near an edge of the pit to add back into the pit later. Remove and discard big stones, roots and debris from both the pit and the stacked soil. Create a base layer of Small Rubble, Dry Straw and or Corn Stalks, lightly water this first layer. Deposit garden clippings, dried leaves, chopped twigs, brown organic material and small amounts of shredded brown cardboard, Lightly water. Your ready to add in your fresh fruit and veggie scraps and peels, only use organic, otherwise it could disrupt the Bacteria.

The smaller the chunks, without getting neurotic, of foodstuff the faster it will turn. Cover losely with Grass Trimmings and a bit of dirt, srpinkle with water. Turn the contents of the pit with a pitchfork every two weeks. Heap the material to the center of the pit each time. Add a shovel full of the set-aside soil into to the compost each time you turn it. Poke holes in the stack with a long sharp stick, providing places for air to reach the inner layers. Maintain a state of dampness by sprinkling water on the pit contents if they become dry in the summer months. Cover the pit with black plastic during rainy spells to keep from getting soggy. Hold down the edges of the black plastic with heavy bricks or stones. The compost is ready when it is thoroughly decomposed and crumbly.

They can even be used in schools so that the canteen waste, leftover food etc are managed. Each one of us grumble about this problem, but how many of us have thought of finding a solution to this. This step if taken by all will lead us to a better tomorrow.

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