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Free sample essay about myself and my perseverance

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Sometimes people say I resemble Harvey Specter from the legal drama Suits which is popular in the United States. Maybe, it is something about my appearance; I am tall and well-built. I have short light-brown hair and brown eyes. Or perhaps it is my life principles. I hate losing and I adore winning. My perfectionism is my biggest spur in doing everything on the highest level.

Being a teenager, I made a resolution that in the future I would enter Harvard Law School. I can’t say that my parents and friends didn’t support my choice; sometimes I just felt that they didn’t believe in me. When I finished my homework for college, I spent hours preparing to LSAT. I was burning the midnight oil and have thoroughly investigated multiple law cases. My friends always invited me to go to the disco but I preferred to stay at home. It wasn’t that the youth life didn’t interest me. I am an ordinary guy who likes spending time with the friends watching baseball. It is just that Law School was the most important target for me, and the thought about it didn’t allow me to ease up even for a day. My LSAT preparation took approximately two years and I felt that was the time to pass it. My score was high enough to enter Harvard, and I was coming closer to achieving my goal. I had to write resume, motivation letter, an essay about myself. After the interview, I felt that everything would be fine; when the results came, I understood that I didn’t enter.

It was more than failure; it was a knife in the back. And most importantly this was very unexpectable, so I didn’t know what to do next. Several weeks after I got the results I was listening to music and didn’t have any desire to talk to anyone. But as I have told you I am not the one who accepts failures. I found work in a law firm and began getting practice. Maybe, that was something that my application lacked. I worked there for two years and simultaneously I was preparing for passing LSAT once more to get even higher score. When I applied for the second time, I felt that I could tell more about my aim to become a lawyer. And it worked, my application was approved, and I entered Harvard Law School.

Now I am studying in Harvard and improving my skills every day. We have lots of courses which help develop critical thinking, and enhance my negotiating skills. It is that university where I feel that I am in the right place at the right time.

Here I have many friends who are intelligent and resourceful. After classes, we spend time together resolving the cases. It is an amazing feeling when your group mates have the same goal as you. It creates a healthy competition and inspires you to work harder.

At Harvard, I took up a new hobby – preparing motivational speeches. We have a group which gathers every Monday, and there we deliver speeches on different topics to the audience. That makes me well-rounded because I learn about various subjects before I start preparation. I adore the feeling of goosebumps which cover my skin when I approach the highest emotional level of my speech. I hope that the audience has the same feeling. One day I want to perform on TEDx Talks and tell about my motivation.

I never use the word “dreams.” For me, it sounds very general. I prefer to be specific in everything that I want to achieve in the world and I prefer the word “goals” because they exist to be gained.

I never tell anyone that I am tired of work or study. Success will come to those who get up and go far. This is my life motto which always reminds me of how vital it is to be hard-working and resilient towards failures. Those who didn’t believe in my entering the desired university were even bigger motivation. And I am thankful to them for sharing the personal viewpoints. I learn that no matter what others say (even mother and father) if their thoughts contradict my goals, I don’t have to listen to them. Nobody will live your life, and nobody should tell you who you are and what you are.

I don’t believe in luck or sheer coincidence; no one will ever enter Harvard just because it was written in the stars. I believe in hard work, in human’s endeavor, perseverance, leadership. This is my life principle, and I will always stick to it. I believe that although Harvey Specter is movie character, if he existed he would agree with me.


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