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Forced Marriage

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Marriage in Islam is neither an imprisonment for a woman that is forced upon her as a punishment, nor enslavement that makes her subservient to man. Marriage is a covenant of faith and consent, and a bond of love and concern. (Mawdudi, 1992). Forced marriage is the absence of free and full consent of one or both parties. Law and Human rights documents generally describe forced marriage as a union that lacks the free and full consent of both parties. STATEMENT OF THE RESEARCH PROBLEM

Young people forced into marriage often become estranged from their families. Sometimes they become trapped in the cycle of abuse with serious long-term consequences including self harm and suicide. To the best of my knowledge, no serious studies within the frame work of Islam have been done so far to look into this problem, hence the intent to conduct a research and fill the existing gap. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The objectives of the study are:
1to examine the major factors responsible for forced marriage. 2to determine the implication of forced marriage on Muslim Ummah. 3to outline position of Islam on forced marriage. 4to educate and guide parents on the dangers that are inherently encroaching the Muslim societies through forced marriage.

The significance of this research lies in its attempts to study the problems associated with forced marriage and its implications on the Muslim Ummah and provide possible solutions to them. It will therefore be of great benefits to the Muslim Ummah, policy makers, other researchers as well as general readers. SCOPE OF THE STUDY

The scope of this study is limited to Maiduguri Metropolis and parts of Jere Local Government Area of Borno State. Fifteen (15) Wards of Maiduguri Metropolis and four (4) Wards of Jere Local Government Area will use for the

To carry out this research, the instrument for data collection will be administered structured Questionnaire to obtain first hand information on the implication of Forced Marriage on the Muslim Ummah. Interview will also be conducted to a cross section of Muslim scholars, parents and victims of forced marriage to obtain primary sources of information. In addition to these, materials related to the topic under research such as textbooks, (Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh etc, journals, magazines and periodicals could be consulted as secondary sources.

The expected outcome of this study is to find out the Implication of Forced Marriage on the Muslim Ummah, so that, it will therefore be of great benefits to the Muslim Ummah, policy makers, other researchers as well as general readers.

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