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Film Prioritization Case

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In this case, the film making team are reviewing carious film projects. In the line of projects are seven movies. When reviewing the film they are adhering to different objectives and selection criteria. For example, the project need to meet safety, legal, and environmental standards. They should get PG or lower advisory rating. The project should not have a negative effect on operations. On the other side they review for their want objectives. For example, being nominated for an Academy Award for best picture, being able to be the background for a theme park ride, and merchandising options. Also they should be able to create a new animated character from time to time. My Life with Dalai Lama

With this project the objective can be met and less likely to violate any legal, safety, or environmental guidelines. Since it is aimed at the youth audience, the advisory rating would be positive. Some concerns are if such a movie could be nominated for Best Picture. But the project could promote new characters and merchandise. This project would make the minimum ROI which is 18%. When giving the project a review based off points, My Life with Dalai Lama would range around 80. Heidi

When considering the objective this project would meet them. Possible concerns may lie in the location of the casting film. It dos carry youth related content so it could align with advisory rating. No parts of the film should interrupt operations. This project has a chance to be nominated for best picture. But they lack the ability of new characters. The project will generate profits. Heidi would range around 85. The Year of the Echo

This project would not satisfy the advisory rating and could negatively affect operations. Documentaries don’t usually receive nomination for best picture. This project would also not create new characters. This film could raise public awareness of environmental issues since the band member died from a drug overdose. The project will generate profits. Due to the subject material there is a chance of standards be violated. The point value of “The Year of Echo” would be around 30. Escape from Rio Japuni

This project would meet the objectives. The advisory rating would be questionable depending on violence from the animals. This project could be nominated for Best Picture due to its positive attributes. Also new character could be generated. The project will arise environmental issues in relation to South American and animals. The project would generate profits and the point rating would be around 90. Nadia!

This project meets objectives, and align with advisory rating. Also it would not interrupt operations. Based off the story line, it could be nominated for Best Picture but not introduce any new characters. It possibilities are low for arising environmental issues or being bases for a theme park ride. It will create profit, but may struggle reaching 18% ROI. The point value for Nadia! would be around 78. One Whale of a Story

With this project the objectives are met, and advisory rating will be met. The chance of being nominated for Best Picture is possible. The possibilities of new characters, merchandising, and theme park is high. Environmental issues are addressed and profit is going to reach 18% ROI. The point value for One Whale of a Story is around 97. Grand Island

The Project would have some conflict with align with objectives. Possible legal concern arise as well. The subject matter would be the reason it willn’t be nominated for Best Picture. There are no chance for new characters or merchandise. Profit around 18% ROI are low. The point value of Grand Island would be around 50. In conclusion, the best out of the proposals are the following: One Whale of a Story and Escape from Rio Japuni. The worst proposal are the following: Grand Island and The Year of the Echo.

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