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Ferdinand Marcos and Business Mirror

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The people discussed in this article are those brave and heroic people who have achieved a lot of success in their lives despite of all the hindrances they faced being physically disabled. These valiant people have amazed the world with their courage, determination, strength and amazing will. These people have overcome all the obstacles they faced and never let their disabilities come in their path of glory. With their determination these extraordinary individuals have made a difference in the lives of a lot of people. Such people are numerous who are a motivation for others, by proving that nothing is impossible when you have the will and determination to do it.

Albert Einstein
Famous Scientists Of The 20th Century

* Scientists Of The 20th Century
The only word that simply defines the 20th century is revolution. The change brought to the world during the 100 years of this century was huge. Some of such personalities who have touched the world with their remarkable stories and amazing talent are given below: Albert Einstein

When talking about the famous disabled people the first name that comes to the mind is that of the great Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein who is the greatest scientist of the twentieth century and the greatest physicist of all time had a learning disability in the early parts of his life. Till the age of three he could not speak and was severely dyslexic and autistic. As he grew older he started to focus on the only thing he was exceptional at and that was mathematics. Soon he fought his disability and entered into the world of theoretical physics where he changed the face of physics and science forever. His theory of relativity is said to be the most revolutionary theory of physics. He won a Nobel Prize for his photoelectric effect theory in 1921.


It’s that time of the year again. February is always a big month for Filipinos. Two weeks aftercelebrating Valentines Day, Filipinos hold another annual celebration that is uniquely their own. On the 25th of February of each year, die-hard Aquino supporters have their annual song and dance routine usually complete with a live musical variety show near the Edsa shrine to commemorate the anniversary of the so-called “People Power” Edsa revolution.

The free entertainment is held to remind the rest of the population of how great it supposedly is for Philippine society to be free of the “dictator” and to have restored “democracy.” And this year, the organizers are promising an event that is “bigger than Ben Hur.” A definite treat for avid Aquino supporters or any one who loves freebies since 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the “revolution” that toppled former President Ferdinand Marcos. You can be sure that Aquino supporters will have their grins up to their third molars on the day because the so-called “Aquino legacy” has finally come full circle. After 25 years, who would have thought that President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy), the son of People Power icon former President Cory Aquino would follow in his mother’s footsteps, literally? Almost a year after PNoy’s win in the election, a lot of people still can’t believe it. PNoy was so popular in the lead up to the presidential election owing to his own parents’ popularity that the election might as well have been a “mock” election. And not even PNoy imagined himself to be in this predicament one day.

From his mother’s reluctance to run for the Presidency down to his mother’s incompetence to deliver on her campaign promises, PNoy got his mother’s unique style of “barely there” leadership to a tee. But what a joy it must be for the rest of the melodramatic Aquino fans who love living in the past at the expense of the poor. Likewise, the oligarchs that benefit from a family member’s stay in Malacanangare basking in the glory coming from a guaranteed grip on the people’s minds for years and years to come. The Filipinos have indeed, given “people power” a new meaning after 25 years. The political opposition should never have underestimated the power of illogical people moving in large groups. It has been said that the victors get to write history. It has also been said that propagandists get to use history to their advantage.

Thanks to the lack of progress in the country, the victors of the so-called “revolution” have been reduced to resorting to propaganda in recent years. Since none of the perpetrators during the Marcos’ years have been put on trial or convicted anyway, the Aquino family and their cronies continue to use media outlets owned and operated by their own family and friends to continue demonizing the Marcos regime. By doing so, the Aquino family likewise continue to come across as martyrs.

The victors – the Aquinos — are quite successful applying this approach towards keeping the majority of the population beholden to them even when democracy in the country is alive only in theory. It is quite a mind-boggling exercise to ponder the question of why most Filipinos have such a screwed up memory of the events that unfolded after Edsa I. Four years after Marcos was ousted, Cory’s administration was highly criticized for its failure to deliver on the much-needed economic reforms and was plagued by allegations of corruption involving Cory’s wealthy and influential relatives – the same allegations they used to topple Marcos in the first place.

Newspaper| Page| Writer| Article|

Business Mirror| B3| Photo release| Sec. Alcala urges top DA officials to harmonize efforts and resources in developing a comprehensive disaster-preparedness, response and rehab program.| Manila Bulletin| B1| Photo release| Alcala swears in Orlan Calayag as new NFA administrator.| Business Mirror| B3| Max de Leon| No vegetable shortage despite frost – agri chiefAccording to Alcala, Nueva Vizcaya can now meet the demand for vegetables that were previously planted, mainly in Benguet and sold in Baguio City .| Business Mirror | A8| Max de Leon| Banker named govt’s new rice czarAs NFA administrator, Calayag will ensure that the country’s food security is protected and prices of rice and corn will be stable while looking after the welfare of farmers.| Manila Times| B3| James Galvez| NGO official is new NFA administrator-do-| Balita| 13| Jun Fabon| NFA administrator-do-|

People’s Journal| 7| CA| NFA assures food security-do-| Philippine Daily Inquirer | A12| Yolanda Sotelo| PH agri leaders unite vs smugglingMajor stakeholders in the country’s agriculture sector formed a united front denouncing rampant smuggling and what they called as unlawful entry of Thai food company that had been granted tax exemptions and other perks.| Philippine Star| B11| J. Clapano/Louella Desiderio| Local agri firm scores grant of perks to Thai firmTwenty five national agricultural groups have formed a united front denouncing the rampant smuggling of agricultural products and the entry of Thai food conglomerate, Chareon Pokphand in the Philippine agricultural industry.

| Pilipino Mirror| 15| Monceht Larano| Mobile buying stations ipapakalat ng NFAAyon kay Alcala, mahalagang magkaroon ng maraming mobile buying stations ang NFA dahil mas malaki ang tsansang mabibili na sa magandang presyo ang naprodyus na palay ng mga magsasaka.| Manila Times| B3| James Galvez| BAR pushes domestic production of chickpeaThe BAR is pushing for the use locally grown garbanzos, popularly known as chickpea, as flour substitute and energy-rich food ingredient to help reduce the country’s 100% dependence on imports from Australia.| Business World| 6| | Flour from chickpeas-do-|

Manila Bulletin| 17| | Rice supplyThe NFA here dispelled fears that there is shortage of rice mainly due to the effects of typhoon “Pablo” and several weather disturbances that hit some parts of Bukidnon.| Daily Tribune| 4| Arlie Calalo| 15, 750 cats dogs given anti-rabies in CaloocanAlong with this, BAI cited the city’s four-year-old animal pound as one of the cleanest facilities which is home to some 1, 031 stray animals.| Philippine Daily Inquirer| A12| Villamor Visaya| Rats attack Isabela farms, but execs say damage smallField rats have been ravaging palay planted in more than 5, 000 hectares of farms in isabela sice last week, but the DA said that the damages is only minimal, covering 10% of the province’| Business Mirror| B3| PNA| Co-op gets P3.2-M post-harvest facility from DA, city mayorAlong with this, the DA released the P2.997-million budget for the construction of the facility, while the mayor gave P200, 000 for the installation of the electrical system.

| Business Mirror| B3| PNA| Farmers undergo training on rubber-tree tapping, processingAbout 30 rubber-tree farmers are attending a six-day seminar workshop on rubber tapping and processing in Palawan province.| Business World| 4| Benjamin Diokno| Agriculture key to inclusive growthAgriculture accounts for a significant, though decreasing, share of gross domestic product and is the source of employment of roughly 40% of Filipino workers. A great majority of the poor, approximately 70%, live in rural hinterlands and their livelihood are tied up with agriculture, fishery, or forestry.|

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Araling Panlipunan

Submitted to: Ms. Luzviminda G. Parra
Submitted by: Vanessa L. Ramos G7- Proverbs

Noble Financial January 22-23 Equity Conference Attracts More Than 100 Public Companies

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — (Marketwire) — 01/11/13 — More than 100 companies will be presenting at Noble Financial Capital Markets’ Ninth Annual Equity Conference including the following: AdCare Health Systems, Inc. (NYSE: ADK) is a recognized innovator in senior living and health care facility management. AdCare operates 51 facilities in the South Eastern United States, located in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio and Oklahoma, with nearly 5,000 beds/units in service. Its mission has been to provide the highest quality of healthcare services to the elderly, including a broad range of skilled nursing and sub-acute care services. http://www.adcarehealth.com

Amtech Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: ASYS), manufactures silicon wafer handling automation, thermal processing, PSG and PECVD equipment and related consumables used in fabricating solar cells and semiconductor devices. Amtech is a leading supplier of horizontal diffusion furnace systems, related automation and polishing supplies that enable key steps of the front end manufacturing process for both solar cells and semiconductor chips. Amtech’s products are recognized under the leading brand names Tempress Systems™, Bruce Technologies™, P.R. Hoffman™ and R2D automation™.http://www.amtechsystems.com Arabian American Development Company (NYSE: ARSD) owns and operates a petrochemical facility located in southeast Texas, just north of Beaumont which specializes in high purity petrochemical solvents and other solvent type manufacturing.

The Company is also the original developer and a 37% owner of Al Masane Al Kobra Mining Co., a Saudi Arabian joint stock company. http://www.arabianamericandev.com Arotech Corporation (NASDAQ: ARTX), a provider of quality defense and security products for the military, law enforcement and security markets, today announced that its Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Tom Paup, will be presenting at the “NINE”; Noble Financial Capital Markets’ Ninth Annual Equity Conference at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, on Wednesday January 23rd 2013 Eastern Time.

At the time of the presentation, a live audio and high-definition video webcast of Arotech’s presentation and a copy of the presentation materials will be available through the Noble Financial websites: www.noblefcm.com, or www.nobleresearch.com/NINE/home.htm.

Arotech operates through two major business divisions: Training and Simulation, and Battery and Power Systems. Arotech is incorporated in Delaware, with corporate offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan and research, development and production subsidiaries in Alabama, Michigan and Israel.http://www.arotechusa.com AtheroNova Inc. (OTCQB: AHRO) is a biotechnology company focused on discovery and development of novel compounds to potentially reduce atherosclerotic plaque and to safely improve lipid profiles in humans. In addition to its lead compound AHRO-001, AtheroNova is developing multiple applications for its patented and patents-pending therapies for cardiovascular disease, stroke, PAD, dementia and ED, all of which have been linked to atherosclerosis and account for an annual US market of more than $41 billion. http://www.atheronova.com

CBIZ, Inc. (NYSE: CBZ) provides professional business services that help clients better manage their finances and employees. CBIZ provides accounting, tax, internal audit, merger and acquisition advisory, valuation services, employee benefits consulting, property and casualty insurance, retirement plan consulting, payroll, HR consulting, executive recruitment and medical practice management. CBIZ is one of the largest accounting, valuation, and medical practice management companies in the United States, and provides services through more than 130 offices in 37 states. http://www.cbiz.com

Chyron Corp. (NASDAQ: CHYR), an Emmy® Award-winning company whose products have defined the world of digital and broadcast graphics, offers graphics solutions including the Axis World Graphics online content creation software and order management system, on-air graphics systems, clip servers, channel branding, graphics asset management, graphics over IP, and second screen solutions. More information about Chyron products and services is available at: http://www.chyron.com

Computer Task Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTGX) provides IT solutions that address the business needs of companies in several higher-growth industries including healthcare, energy and technology services. As a leading health IT provider, CTG offers health providers and payers a full range of consulting services and proprietary software solutions that support better, lower cost healthcare. CTG also provides managed services IT staffing to major technology companies and large corporations. For more information visithttp://www.ctg.com Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR) is a global leader in video, media data intelligence and real-time Linux® solutions. Concurrent provides customers with transformative solutions to fuel their business beyond what was thought possible.

Concurrent’s unified video delivery and media data intelligence solutions support every screen simultaneously, making it easier for cable MSOs, fixed-line telecommunications providers, mobile operators, online media companies and satellite TV broadcasters to deliver revenue generating video services to consumers on any device, over any network. The world’s leading telecommunication and online media companies have selected Concurrent to provide the solutions and services required to support their next-generation multi-screen video initiatives. Concurrent’s Emmy award-winning video solutions are based upon a rich heritage of high-performance real-time technology.

Our real-time Linux solutions are used to support applications in the defense, aerospace, automotive and financial industries. Concurrent has offices in North America, Europe and Asia. http://www.ccur.com Coronado Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNDO) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on novel immunotherapy biologic agents for autoimmune diseases and cancer. Coronado’s two principal pharmaceutical product candidates are initially targeted for clinical development for inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and acute myeloid leukemia. http://www.coronadobiosciences.com

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