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Fast Food – should we ban it?

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Fast food is quite popular in the world these years. Many people, mainly children and teenagers, like to have fast food for their meals. Fast food is defined as pre-made meals that can be quickly provided for customers to eat, such as hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. Nowadays fast food has become a common way of life. But in fact, just like every coin has two sides, fast food also has its own drawbacks. For example, compared with vegetables and fresh fruits, fast food contains little nutrients that are good for our health. Fast foods are rich in fat, and we will easily put on weight if we eat too much of them. While the argument focus on fast food, I think its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. My opinion is we shouldn’t ban the fast food. First of all, the advantages of fast food are that it’s popular and convenient. With busy lifestyle, people tend to rely on fast food to save their time. Especially like high school and university students, white collar workers, these kinds of people are always busy, they really need fast food. Besides, we can either have our meals in the restaurant or take it home, which means we have more choices than waiting in the crowded common restaurant only.

What’s more, the environments of the fast food restaurants such as the small coffee shops are clean and comfortable, which often creates a romantic and graceful atmosphere. Secondly, fast food is cheaper than real meals. We can pay less money to fill our stomach quickly. Staff will arrange for the foods before the customers buy them. If someone order the foods, the things they only do is just heat the foods. It’s convenient and quickly. Because most of the young people live by themselves, like me, an international high school student. I do everything by myself in my life. After school I should buy vegetables, meats, and fruits prepared for the dinner and the lunch for next day. If I cook real meals, it will not only cost me long time to do it, but also cost me lots of money. Instead of wasting time and more money on the cooking, spend less money on fast food and pay more attentions on study is more sensible. But it doesn’t mean that I should always buy fast food to eat, I just mean always cook by myself is troublesome, we can according to our own life to choose whether to buy fast food or not. Thirdly, fast food is important for the development of the city. It’s the important part of the leisure consumption, tourism and shopping consumption.

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