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Extreme Couponing

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If you are like most people you probably don’t use coupons that often or at all. However, Nielsen Clearing House, an industry leader in coupon marketing and redemption report that 78% of consumers report using ocupouns on a regular basis. But To get $870 worth of product for absolutely nothing speaks for itself. It gives those who don’t have much to do with their time an outlet for creativity. There is a definite art-form in getting that much product for free. It takes planning, skill, hard work, strategy, and some luck. And it also appeals to that great feeling of ‘beating the system’ aspect.

I. Fun Fact About Extreme Couponing
According to brownwoods.com the consumer who prints digital coupons has an average household income of $97,000. Those who earn a household income of $100,000 or more are twice as likely to have redeemed coupons printed from an online source in the past six months than adults with a household income of less than $35,000.

II. Reasons Why People Choose Not to Coupon
1. When you hear couponing you automatically come to the idea “oh I don’t have time for all of that” 2. According to MSN Money partners Kentin Watts the savings vs the time investment is low with coupons 3. Some might find it contradictiong to have to buy something (newspaper) in order to be offered the chance to save money 4. But logically speaking the price for a daily newspaper cant compare when you put it next to your $100+ grocery recpeit 5. Going back to the timing issue, many in here probably don’t have time to sit their cut, organize, and bind coupons 6. However even the smallest coupons makes a difference

III. Reasons Why You Should Coupon

1. According to an article titled Free Online Coupining the economy has made things tough for a lot of people, so saving money has become a priorty for many. 2. Newspaper use to be the only way one can get coupons, however now the web can be a very valuable resource to find great coupons. 3. This saves you from having to look through magazines and cut of certain coupons 4. Ofcoarse many are thinking, “well if I print the coupons it would just mean that I am using up more ink”, BUT there are coupons for that too (: 5. Also another technique for great coupoining is saving the coupon mail that your recieve and possibly trading it with friends and family for itmes that you do need, 6. Which bring me to my last point which is to not only share this information’s you received today with friends and family but to also apply it to your daily day life. 7. For example those of you who smoke on cigarette frequently can find coupons for it and save that money for social events with friends and family 8. Also for the active people in the room there endless coupons for sports drinks that can save your money everyday and can be used to buy active cloths etc

Overall I think that adapting this concept to your daily life can bring you not only more money but also the satisfaction of feeling smart about your purchases.

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