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Evolution V teleological Argument

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Religious believers are of the teleological argument and believe that God created the universe and everything in it but this is much open to criticisms evolution believers as they argue there is no proof for the existence of God and they argue that where did God come from and who made God? Teleological believers argue that God was necessary has all ways been there and the universe is contingent. Philosopher William Paeley made analogy to the human systems and a watch.

He describes the features of a watch to be of extreme complexity and sophistication argues that it could not have just been accidentally or by luck created therefore it must have hade a designer who created it. This is the same for a body part like the human eye features such as the iris, cornea, retina and pupil are very complex and unlikely to have evolved and just happened to have ended how they are by chance, therefore William Paeley enforces there must have been an intelligent designer who designed this and this must have been God.

Furthermore supporters of the teleological argument disagree with the design argument disagree with the evolution argument as it states that there was one cell which all living live forms evolved from to become what they are today. They argue that the first cell could not have just appeared and there must have been something which created the first cell.

This again supports the existence of God and the design argument. The creator of the theory of evolution Charles Darwin studied live forms for a majority of years and he believed that human life has existed for hundreds of million of years and that creatures have evolved considerably due to natural selection which cause the fittest and most adapted to the environment characteristics are passed on to the offspring.

For example giraffes would have been small at first but the ones with the longer next survived best as they were able to get the most and the best leaves and this was then passed on the offspring over generation now making giraffes have longer necks. Darwin argues that the teleological argument is not a true account of what oh how the earth came to be today as in the bible it states that the world including humans were created in seven days however Darwin believed that the existence of human being was much later after millions of years.

There is also proof of this as there are many fossils that have been found and studies with creatures such as dinosaurs proven to have lived millions of years before humans. However teleological believers can counter this argument and argue that the seven days was just a representation of the time that the world was created in e. g seventy, or seven hundred million years and they can also argue that evolution existed but it was under the control of God.

To conclude I believe that the teleological argument is the strongest argument as there are stronger arguments to support this claim that God created the universe and the main arguments of the evolution theory can be counted and cannot be explained without a God. Like the fact that there was one cell which creatures evolved from Aquinas would have argued there must have been a first causes to cause the creation or existence of the first cell thus being God. Also it can be argued that evolution was under the control of God the whole time undermining the existence of an evolution theory.

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