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Everyone should have a healthy lifestyle

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To the average young teenager, looks are very important in their life. Many girls like to wear make up when they go out to town. To some teenagers, smoking and drinking alcohol is the cool thing to do nowadays. But what they do not realise, is that smoking and drinking in fact makes you looks worse. It has been proven that smoking causes yellow teeth, bad breath and you increase the chance of getting wrinkles from an earlier age. Do you want to look worse whilst trying to look cool? In fact, smoking and drinking makes you look older than you really are! How would you feel if you looked like you were 30 when you were actually only 18?

In addition, you are increasing the chance of getting a disease such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. All of these diseases puts strain on your organs and run a high risk of failing. It has been proven that if you change your lifestyle, even by a small amount, you reduce the risk of getting a disease by 90%. It is a fact that living an unhealthy lifestyle, you can shorten your life by up to 10 years. Do you really want to die from a health caused disease 10 years before you anticipated? Because I do not.

There are many different ways in which you can stay healthy. You can do it by: getting an hour of exercise everyday; getting a good number of hours of sleep each night; eating healthily and not drinking or smoking. You may think that it is not a fun way to spend your life; but you can try different ways of eating healthily; you can also try a new hobby or changing what type of exercise you do each day. By changing your lifestyle, maybe even slightly, will all have a positive effect on your body.

Did you know: that changing your lifestyle to a healthier one will not only make you healthier, but it will also make you feel happier with yourself too? You will wake up in the morning with lots of energy for the day ahead. Would you rather this lifestyle; or the one where you are in hospital with cancer?

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