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Microbiology Essays

Bacterial Growth And Controlling Bacterial Growth

Based upon your results, is your bacteria sample a strict aerobe, strict anaerobe, facultative anaerobe, or microaerophile? Why? – Look at your results from OF Glucose and OF Glucose with oil test. How important is it to add the Kovac’s Reagent in the Indole Utilization test? What is responsible for …

Peer Review Essay

The purpose of this report is to describe a peer-reviewed journal article that has been identified from a primary literature source. I chose to perform a search through Pubmed based on the enzyme Catalase, reasoning that it should deepen my understanding of the enzyme allocated to my BABS1201 laboratory group. …

Medicinal Microbiology Lab Report

Many infectious diseases caused by infectious agents, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, have plagued human existence. Thus the identification of bacteria becomes all the more important in the search for medicines and cure. Identification of bacteria is a multistep process because while some preliminary guesses can be made from …

E. coli O157:H7

What is the morphology and gram reaction of this pathogen (2) E. coli, including E. coli O157H7 is a gram-negative bacillus. What do (i) O157 and (ii) H7 attached to the name of this bacterium represent (2). The O157 is the serotype antigen that identifies the E. coli strain, and …

Control by Antibiotics and Antiseptics Lab Report

The fact that each bacterial species, and even some of their respective strains, responds uniquely to a given antimicrobial makes it necessary to have methods, which provide researchers and clinicians with measurable susceptibilities. This need has become prevalent since the rising of later generations of antimicrobial compounds achieved by chemical …

The Comparative Analysis of Simple Staining

INTRODUCTION: A German bacteriologist, Dr. Theodore von Escherich, was the first man in 1885 who discovered the bacterium named Escherichia coli, which are gram negative and appears in rod shaped. Most kind of bacteria E. Coli does not cause diseases and some strains indeed are beneficial in helping the process …

Microbiology Lab Argumentative

The primary focus of this lab was on microscopy and simple stains. Crystal violet and Carbol fuchsine, simple staining components, were used to stain the slide in order to see the different microbes in order to determine their cellular shape and identify unknown ones by comparing. Introduction Bacterial cells are …

Bunsen burner

The purpose of this report is to use different tests to discover what bacteria is the unknown. This is important because we need to know what test need to be done to rule out different bacteria when testing. There are different tests done for gram negative and gram positive bacteria. …

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