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Lord Of The Flies Essays

Lord Of The Flies and Robinson Crusoe - A Comparison

There are a lot of differences between these two books. For example, when the boys in L.O.T.F arrive on the island they don’t thank God for saving their lives or anything like that, whereas in Robinson Crusoe he thanks God, which implies that he is quite spiritual. As you read …

Character Pick of ''Lord of the Flies''

Pick a character in the story whom you would like to have as a friend OR whom you would hate to have as an enemy. Explain why you like him/her OR fear him/her saying what qualities you most admire or loathe in the person. Refer to specific incidents of the …

In What Ways do the Boys Descend Into Savagery in the Novel "Lord of the Flies?"

There are many steps, in which the boys descend into savagery. The boys, at times seem to become gradually more and more savage, as they adapt to living away from civilization for prolonged periods of time. At times, however, they seem to suddenly turn dramatically savage, usually when confronted by …

William Golding's "Lord of the Flies"

Both Lord of the Flies and Malachi’s Cove deal with the relationship between humans and nature but ultimately their message is concerned with human nature. Explain and discuss. Before I begin this essay, I feel it is necessary to give a little background on each of the texts. “Lord of …

Lord of the Flies: Who Would Make the Best Leader?

Before considering a persons’ suitability as a leader it is first important to evaluate exactly what constitutes a good leader. A worthy leader must be mature, confident, able to delegate and prioritise, logical, level headed, have the ability to evaluate a situation and a willingness to compromise when others do …

What is the Importance of the Beast in 'Lord of the Flies'?

The novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ is written by the author William Golding to reflect what he saw was happening to the world during the Second World War. The novel shows that humans have an inner savagery playing in the mind behind all that civilised well being. The island which …

Comment on Golding's use of Symbolism and Imagery in "The Lord of the Flies"

“The Lord of the Flies” was first published in 1954 by Faber and Faber Limited. It was written by William Golding (1911-93), who decided to write it because he wanted people to know the true nature of human beings. It is significant that it was published in the post war …

Write an Epilogue to ''Lord of the Flies''

The island was ablaze in bright fierce flames, he panicked, where could he hide? If he was not burnt by the flames, Jack and his tribe were sure to find him. He heard their tribal chants growing louder, as they moved in closer; soon he would meet his death. Scrambling …

The Death of Piggy' in ''Lord of the Flies'' by William Golding

We have read Lord of the Flies by William Golding (1954) and also seen the scene “the death of Piggy” in the two film versions directed by Peter Brook (1961) and Harry Hook (1994). The black and white version by Peter Brook is very close to the text since the …

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