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Cell Essays

Cells - Revision Notes

1. All living things are made up of cells 2. Cells are the smallest unit of life 3. All cells arise from pre-existing cells 1. All living things are made up of cells which have an outer boundary, nucleus, cytoplasm and organelles. However there are many exceptions to this rule. …

Biology Cell Biology

1. Design 1.1 Defining the problem 1.1.1 Focus Question- What will happen to the rate of reaction of the amylase in the starch when the temperature is changed? 1.1.2 Hypothesis- The rate of reaction of amylase in starch will change as the temperature is changed. 1.1.3 Theory- A enzyme is …

Surface Area and Volume Using Different Volume Agar Cube Lab Report

Experimental method: agar jelly cubes are used as samples of cells. A big peace of 2% agar jelly (containing indicator phenolphthalein) is taken and cut in 5 (x2) different size cubes (with a wall length of 1, 2, 3, 4, and one rectangle 1x2x4 cm). Then, cubes surface area and …

The Effect Of Concentration On Osmosis In Plant Cells

Hypothesis: The following factors all effect the rate of osmosis: * Surface area of the tuber * Concentration of sucrose solution * Amount of sucrose solution * Temperature * Time tubers are left in solution -The surface area of the potato tuber will effect the rate of osmosis because The …

The Time Taken for Diffusion and Cell Dimension

Aim: To investigate the relationship between the time taken for diffusion and cell dimension. Procedure: 1. Place the gelatin block on a tile or Petri dish and use a scalpel or razor blade to cut it in half, producing two cubes of 10mm sides 2. Keep on of these cubes …

Counting Cells Using The Pour Plate Method

In the start of this assignment, I was told to choose one of seven other experiments to do. I chose the Counting cells using the pour plate method because I find it much easier than the other ones. In addition, I have had past experience therefore; it should be straightforward. …

Air Around Us

ANIMALS CELL Animals cell do not have the fixed shape because they do not have cell wall PLANTS CELL DIFFERENT BETWEEN PLANTS CELL AND ANIMALS CELL.. There is a different between the plants cell and animals cell. Plant cell have vacuole which is the place where water,dissolved minerals,sugar and waste …

Why Banning the Use of Cell Phone Should Be Mandatory Nationwide?

Keys, check, seatbelt, check, music, check, cell phone- ah maybe not! Sorry to say but this checklist has become the norm in many situations when drivers get into their vehicles. Our cell phones have become part of our lives, our busy lives, where we multitask more than ever. Our office …

Regeneration of Planaria

Aim: To study the effect of temperature on regeneration of planaria and the establishment of polarity. Introduction: Fig1. External characteristics of freshwater planarian, Schimidtea mediterranea showing dorsal and ventral view. Nomenclature of planarian body parts Amputations used to study regeneration of planaria Scientific classification –                        Kingdom: Animalia                                                                Subkingdom: Eumetazoa …

The Stem Cell Divide

Bellomo’s “The Stem Cell Divide: The Facts, the Fiction, and the Fear Driving the Greatest Scientific, Political, and Religious Debate of Our Time,” is a fresh and quite comprehensive survey of the contemporary state of both stem cell research, proper, and the political, religious, and ethical debates which surround the …

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