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Environmental Pollution

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Environment means our surroundings. It consists of air, water, soil and other natural resources, that make our earth habitable for us. All the elements of environment are well proportioned and depend upon each other. This characteristic of environment is called ecosystem. If any element of it is destroyed, it affects all other elements. So for our existence we must not destroy the ecological balance. But consciously or unconsciously we are damaging vital elements of our environment such as air, water and soil. Without air we cannot survive for few minutes. But this air is being polluted in various ways.

Firstly we burns fuels, that creates smoke and the smoke is being mixed with air. Secondly we are cutting plants and killing animals indiscriminately. The plants are called factory of oxygen, receiving carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. For the destruction of trees, carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide and other harmful gases are increasing, which is ruining the ozone layer. As a result ultraviolet ray is getting access to our environment which will cause catastrophe for all living beings.

Water pollution is another problem that we are facing now. Sea and river water is being polluted by industrial waste thrown in it. Oil seeped out from the tanks of the ships mixes with water and pollutes it. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers used by farmers are washed away by rain water and mixed with river and pond water. So existence of aquatic animals and plants is becoming hazardous. Soil is polluted by overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The polybags mix up with soil and destroy its fertility. As a result plants and crops are not growing well. So it is high time we took proper measures to stop environmental pollution and save our mother planet.

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