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English Language Argumentative

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The English Language was introduced into many countries through colonization among other factors. As early as the beginning of the 19th century, English language had become the language of trade, contact and missionary endeavour. Countries such as Nigeria and Ghana use it as a means of communication nationally and internationally. Within these geographical region, the English language acts as medium of instruction from the primary school up to tertiary level. English language is spoken around the globe and it has a wider dispersion than any other language.

A teacher is a very significant factor in the school environment as well as the materials he uses to drive home his/her point. These materials used by the teacher tend to have a significant implication which cannot be dismissed with a wave of hand if academic excellence is to be achieved in our education institution. In order to achieve these educational goals, the use of instructional materials cannot be over-emphasised. Instructional materials are materials which assist teachers to make lesson explicit to the learners.

They also transmit information, ideas and notes to learners Ijaduola (1997), Aina (1982) asserts that instructional materials are those materials or resources used in any teaching exercise to promote greater understanding of the learning experience. They are used to provide the richest possible learning environment which helps the teacher and learners to achieve specific objectives. They also assist the teachers to communicate more effectively and the learners learn more meaningfully and permanently.

The same is amplified by Ogunsanya (1984) who describes teaching materials as anything that helps the teacher to promote teaching and learning activities. Sharing the above view, Kay (1981) defines them as things which are intended to help the teacher to teach more effectively or better still which enables the pupils to learn more easily. In the opinion of Ajelabi (2000) and Akinlaye (1997) many educational technologist see instructional materials as devices and resources used in learning situation to supplement to written or spoken words in the transmission of knowledge, attitude, ideas or concept and values.

Akinlaye (1997) further states that thy have been defined as things or objects brought into play to emphasize, clarify, strengthen, vitalise the teachers instruction. Ajelabi (2000) subtly puts instructional materials as teaching-learning materials that constitute an integral component of classroom instructional process which are utilized in delivering educational information to the learner. He further states that it makes lesson real, concrete and effective. Learners are motivated to learn at their own pace, rate and convenience. Since English language came to Nigeria, it has assumed many roles especially in educational circle.

The English language is divided into many parts in the school like orals, lexis and structure, comprehension, essays. It is an important subject that must be compulsorily be credited before gaining admission into tertiary institution. The importance of this subject makes it necessary that teaching materials should be used for effective learning. Macaulay J. I. (1989) asserts that visual aids make lesson come alive and help students to learn better. He further states that an ample provision of visual and general teaching materials is an evidence of teachers’ preparedness for the lesson.

Ehizojie (1989) summarises the importance of instructional materials further “One of the ways of relaxing in the classroom atmosphere, motivating the students and teaching English creatively and interactively in through the use of audio-visual and other teaching aids. This is because well selected/well planned and produced audio-visual: * arouse the learners interest * kindle imagination * stimulate active participation and involvement in a lesson * help memory and recall * relate learning to real life * can stay in view as long as the teacher wishes

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