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ENFJ Personality Type

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I am the personality type ENFJ, these letters stand for Extravert, iNtuitive, Feeling and Judgement. These four characteristics determine what kind of personality I have and how it affects my life. Extraverts are socially motivated and add energy to social gatherings, iNtuitive is a way we perceive information and intuitive takes a look at the larger picture and possibilities. Feeling is associated with decision making and is to be a more social approach to resolving conflict. Judgement is thinking and is how we see things or put our own spin on them. ENFJ is an accurate representation of my personality and my actions. We have a multitude of strengths and weaknesses. Strengths being; tolerance, altruism, natural leader but also weaknesses like over idealism, selflessness to an extended degree and fluctuating self-esteem.

Extravert is a very strong characteristic; I am extremely social in all aspects of my life, including home life, job and friendships. In my home life I am not afraid to speak my mind at dinner table disagreements or if there is a difference of opinion, this is also welcomed in my home. These arguments can vary from aboriginal rights in Canada to who should clean the bathroom and why, the topic itself is not of great importance but how to end the conversation in your favour. I currently work at McDonalds and I have been for almost a year and a half now. It didn’t take me long to get comfortable around coworkers but now I have voluntarily seniorized myself, taking charge and directing people where they need to be. I would call this a fine line between leadership and being “bossy” because I have not been promoted just have seniority over other staff and have taken it upon myself to have things up to my standards. My social life is quite large even though I may only have 5 close friends I have many friends and even more acquaintances. It’s quite simple to keep in touch with the push of a few buttons and the newly found freedom of my G2 license.

Social media has expanded this even further with everyone sharing thoughts and pictures of their lives you can know anything about anyone in an instant which is great way to keep in touch. Msn was popular when I was in 4th grade and the cool thing was to have it, so wanting to stay in the social loop I got it. Then in 6th grade it was facebook, so I got that, Then in 8th grade twitter and now there are countless social media sites to meet people from across the globe. I’ve met people from Idaho to Iceland through the internet just because I wasn’t afraid to type the first ‘Hello’ message. That being said even though the beginnings of social media were cool, it didn’t necessarily make you cool. Self-esteem isn’t an issue until about 10-12 years old, I remember seeing ads of skinny models and movies and TV shows with gorgeous skinny women and some even glamorizing it like the movie “Mean Girls”.

All I wanted was to be skinny and pretty but it’s hard when you red circle glasses and an ugly chopped bobbed haircut. Self-esteem was extremely hard for me in 8th and 9th grade when all your friends are talking about how they ‘hate their stomach flub’ or ‘just want to lose 10 pounds’ it’s extremely hard to be positive and these girls are what drove me into the beginning of an eating disorder. Luckily I had a fantastic person realize I needed help and get me back on track. This also plays in with the selflessness and altruism because while I was trying to help my friends with their problems I didn’t see mine arising.

Intuitive for me personally I see as dreams. Big goals and dreams looking at the big picture and not how to get there but just wanting to get there. For the longest time I wanted to be a famous Hollywood actress. So my parents put me in theatre camps, and I loved the trill of the theatre. So when you’re 6 and you get 2 parts in your summer camp play and don’t realize that every kid has to get a part because parents are paying for it, you get excited that you have 2 and feel special. I thought because I always got fairly large roles meant I was good… Hollywood good. Even during my third grade school year we had a play company come to the school and my teacher chose me to take part boosting me up even more. Now I’m 17 and realize all this but it was fun while it lasted now I have to focus on a real career which I am just as passionate about.

Judgement is structure and organization in my life. Even though my room may be messy I still like organization, for example 1 laundry basket is for clean clothes and the clothes scattered around the floor are dirty, or as I like to call it organized chaos. Part of this I think is routines, like I come home after school take a nap, do my school work, eat dinner and go back to bed. I really do like structure in my day, in middle school when each day was different it threw me off and made things more complicated than it had to be. There are many routines with routines like how I do my make up in the morning, how I get ready for bed or for work. I like the look of organization and colour coding binders to classes, having things in alphabetical or colour order. This also has to do with sudden change and how it can mess you up when you can no longer do what it was you were doing.

Feeling is how we approach situations and react to them. Feeling is using your emotions rather than logic. I am an emotional person and do let them get the best of me at times. Then these emotions keep coming back when you think about the situation or the feeling itself. This has to do with being sensitive and taking things to heart when they really don’t need to be. I’ve had anger get the best of me when you get into a screaming match with someone and then you might end up saying something you didn’t mean to or you think about something sad and it sends you into a downwards spiral of sadness until you’ve cried yourself to sleep over something that happened years ago like your parents’ divorce which you can’t even remember.

Overall, I do believe that this test is accurate to me and is credible. It would be a great way to set up the makeup of an office or a team. It can also give you an idea and sense of yourself and even help decide on career or lifestyle choices which can even alter your happiness. Happiness is the main goal in life and to have something that could help achieve this is a great success.


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