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Employability and personal skills in the recruitment

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In this assignment I will asses and explain the importance of employability and personal skills in the recruitment and the retention of stalk in my selected organisation which is ‘Travel Lodge’ located in Ilford. It is very important that the organisation considers both employability and personal skills when employing as human resources and their performance is a very important aspect in the day to day running of the business and the overall results. It is as important making sure that the existing staffs are also being trained in order to develop new skills needed for a specific job role or a task. Employability skills

There are skills that are required for a specific job role or a task; however there are a lot of skills that are transferable between jobs. Employability skills are very important as they are essential for employees to be able work effectively, these include: Qualifications: Qualifications are important as different jobs require different qualification, therefore it is significant that an employee has the right qualification for a specific role, to be able and carry out his daily tasks effectively. Experience: Previous experience in a similar role is important and makes a big difference to an employer. It is very useful when an employee has experience in a similar role as it will save the company time and money that would be used to train the new employees. Experience of specific industry is also important as employers can use tips and information from the previous industry for their business.

It is also much easier to find out more about organisations competitors when employing an employee that has previously worked in the same industry. Knowledge of product/service: The knowledge of the product and service is vital, especially when working in a customer service role such as a receptionist at ‘Travel Lodge’. When an employee demonstrates good knowledge of the product or service of your company that means he can start working effectively and deliver good customer in no time. Effectiveness in meeting personal and team targets: Meeting organisational objectives and targets is essential for a business to succeed; therefore it is important that employees are also able to meet individually. When a person is able to demonstrate that he can meet targets and deadlines it makes him much more employable as that employee will be beneficial for the organisation in terms of meeting targets and achieving goals. Ability to observe and raise professional standards: An employee who is able to work consistently to the standard required by the organisation will be highly value by the employer. An employee who seeks to improve standards by suggesting and implementing better ways of doing the job will automatically improve overall performance of the business. Personal Skills

Personal skills are beneficial regardless of the job or career that you pursue. Below are examples of the personal skills that are important for a receptionist role at ‘Travel Lodge’: Patient and hard-working: Patience is required in a receptionist role as receptionists are constantly dealing with the public and are given a lot of responsibility. An employee should remain patient when facing a conflict or a difficult situation. Patience is a very important skill for a receptionist at ‘Travel Lodge’ as it is important to consider options and potential consequences before making decisions. Patience is of big importance when it comes to complaint handling as people are very likely to complain about the customer service and the hospitality of the hotel, therefore one should use its patience skills to deal with a complaint in a professional and calm manner. A hard working employee is always valued especially in a hotel industry.

Reception is one of the busiest areas of the Hotel and is the face of the company; therefore if employees spend too much time getting distracted it will give customers a bad impression. Employees should therefore dedicate themselves to the job and do the job that they were employed to do, to ensure that the task is completed. Team work: Team work is very important for employees of ‘Travel Lodge’ and all employees should be able to work effectively in a team and be able to adapt to different types of teams consisting of people of different backgrounds and attitudes. Bad team work will result in poor employee performance and therefore have an impact on the service delivered to the customers. Skills such as; social skills, communications skills, calm and confident attitude, ability to solve conflicts at ease are also required for team-work activities. Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills are important as they enable an employee to find an approach to its colleagues and get on with people, create positive relationships in the workplace and therefore improve overall performance. Interpersonal skills include: Co-operation: The management of ‘Travel Lodge’ expects employees to co-operate with their ideas. An employee should co-operatively with other employees and get the job done in a positive and constructive way rather than complaining about it and creating a poor atmosphere at the workplace affecting the performance of other employees. Negotiation: Negotiation is a very important and useful skill for an employee. Negotiation involves discussing a topic in order to come to a common agreement. Conflicts are very common to occur in the reception between the employee and the customer; therefore a receptionist should able to avoid the conflict in the first place. Negotiation is important when it comes to agreeing targets for an individual or a team.

In conclusion, we can see that both, employability and personal skills are very important in the recruiting process as employing a people with wrong skills will lead to: poor employee performance, organisation having a bad reputation. Employees with wrong skills will create a poor atmosphere and it will affect the performance of other employees as they won’t be happy at the work place. Wrong skills would result in having to replace an employee which is costly and time consuming; therefore it is important the organisation employs staff with the right skills when recruiting. Furthermore the organisation should also focus on the skills of the existing employees and encourage new skills through personal development, training and promotion; this will be highly beneficial for the organisation as instead of recruiting new employees they will be using the existing ones by expanding their skills. This will save the business a lot of time, money and also build a long term relationship with its employees.

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