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Emerald IsleIs en Iceland

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Ireland is called The Emerald Isle because of its’ comely and lush green scenery. This “Emerald Isle” is an island in Europe off the coast that is filled with unique and heterogeneous culture eminently known for its sprightly music, food, dancing, history, and literature. These components make Ireland so different and special from other countries.
Primarily, Ireland is an island on the eastern part of the North Atlantic, west of the United Kingdom, Dublin is Ireland’s colorful and festive capital. “Dublin is located on the Irish Sea coast”. Ireland despite the fact it is a momentous country, is a small nation being around 302 miles and the width is 271 miles. It’s “Atlantic coastline faces a 2,000 mile wide expanse of ocean…”. Ireland’s location fabricates a major semblance in its’ history and ethnicity.

Furthermore, Ireland has had many fated historical events. One of the most important events is The Great Potato Famine. “The Irish Potato Famine, also known as the Great Hunger, began in 1845 when a fungus like organism called P. Infestans spread rapidly throughout Ireland”. Bacteria contaminated up to half of potato crops. The reason this was such a tragedy is because potatoes are the largest produced crop in Ireland. This caused a great hunger, annihilating around a million people and caused many people to migrate into other nations, separating themselves from the great tragedy that was harming almost all of Ireland. This changed and affected the ethnicity that makes up Ireland, the population, religion, and a lot more factors. The Great Potato famine is probably the majority of important and shaping historical event of Ireland.

Another shaping historical event is the viking invasions. Around the late 8th century, Vikings from Scandinavia began to salvage Ireland. “The Vikings are credited with creating the first trade routes between Ireland, Scandinavia and England”. This has brought many influences which remain in Ireland to this day. Viking invasions has created overall trading ties that are still used to this day.

One more extremely significant historical event is called the Easter Rising, or the Easter Rebellion. This was when Irish republicans rebelled against the British government. This, “began on Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, in Dublin” (britannica). The rebellion was planned by several men of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, two of which named Patrick Pearse and Tom Clarke. More than a thousand men and women were involved. Their goal was to overthrow capitalism and British rule in Ireland. Pearse and fourteen other leaders of the rebellion were executed and taken as prisoners by British authorities in the following weeks. The Easter Rising caused the start of the republican revolution in Ireland. The Easter Rising started a spark of independence and later convicted the Irish people completely against the British government. The people demanded full freedom from Britain. Without the Easter Rising, the country would not be what it is today!

Moreover, Ireland has an intelligent school system and encourages studious and hardworking behavior. “In some schools, there may be up to twenty nationalities and linguistic backgrounds” . Irish schools are very diverse and have many different ethnicities that make up their schools. Education is compulsory for children in Ireland from the age of six to sixteen. “The vast majority of primary schools in Ireland are known as National Schools ” (techlifeIreland). Majority of the national schools are government funded and set up with curriculum by the education department. Ireland values education, drudgery, and hard work in schools.

Additionally Ireland has two widely spoken languages. Irish and English make up both the most common languages. More recently, Irish society has undergone a social transformation. “This has had an effect on the English spoken in Ireland ”. English has proliferated and apexed with social changes and will continue to change and grow as English speakers pass down their language. English is rapidly becoming the predominant language in Ireland.
Moreover, Irish is another language that is rooted in the monologue of the Celts. With the effect of The Potato Famine and emigration, there has been a decline in speakers. Many Irish speakers have left the nation of Ireland and migrated to other countries, as a result of escaping The Potato Famine. “Today Irish is spoken as a first language by a small minority of the population of Ireland ”. Irish has become at the present time the second largest spoken language, after English. Irish history has had a pliant influence on the expulsion and decline of Irish language and the surmounting of English.

Next, Dublin is Ireland’s capital and is the largest city in Ireland. It is located on the east side of Ireland. Dublin was founded in the tenth century after a viking settlement, it stayed under Viking control until around 1169 A.D. Dublin was declared the capital of Ireland because of its main ports and center of financial and commercial power and its seat of culture. Ireland owes it to the Vikings for founding its’ rich and diverse capital.

Additionally, Ireland’s flag is a beautiful symbol full of green, white, and orange. It is frequently referred as the Irish tricolor. Its three equal stripes illustrate the Irish political landscape. The orange color represents Irish Protestants and the green represents Irish Catholics. The white is probably the most significant color on the flag it represents the hope for peace between them. The Irish flag is so important and significant to the Irish people.

Likewise, Ireland values nuclear unit family structures. Unlike a lot of cultures, the Irish believe in honoring immediate and close family instead of extended family. So typically, only immediate, diminutive family is embraced. As small children they are, “…encouraged to be independent and self reliant as they grow up”. Children are taught the importance of self sufficiency and independence. Children tend to leave home around the age of eighteen or nineteen. The Irish know and value closeness of families.

In addition, Ireland’s legal system has three sources- constitutional, statue and common law. “The history of modern Ireland… and modern constitutional law may be said to have commenced with establishment of the Irish Free State on December 6, 1922…”. This was important because it adjourned the British government from having control over Irish affairs. The Irish constitution gives assurance to people’s natural rights. “These rights are natural human rights that are confirmed and protected by the constitution ”. The constitution gives Irish citizens rights and protects the government from corrupt control.

Next, the Irish economy has endured a lot of arduous times. “Before joining the EU in 1973, Ireland’s largely agricultural based economy was choked by the means of its dependence on the UK market . Ireland’s dependence dolefully killed the economy even more. Many citizens in the early 1900s were not pleased. “I am not satisfied that the standards of living and the mode of living is a right or proper one ”. Unfortunately, many people in Ireland feel their living standards and economic situations are not ideal and certainly are not good for them or their families.
As a result, many citizens of Ireland are not pleased with their economic lifestyles. Ireland’s economic struggles from the nation’s past has had a negative effect on many of the country’s citizens. Over the years, the economy has improved. Ireland’s current financial fortunes are dependent on trade and global markets. Ireland’s economic dilemma has turned into a successful economic system.

Additionally, religion makes up a big part of Ireland. One religion is the Celtic Religion, “religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Celts ”. Celtic Religion has had a major influence on Ireland long before the adoption of Christianity. Celtic Religion is the second most widespread religion of Ireland after Roman Catholicism
“The Christianization of Ireland is one of the great landmarks of Irish social development…”  Christianity spread so rapidly in Ireland, and many people who identified with other religions and even some who identified with no religion converted to this newfound, popular religion. Because of the great spread of Christianity, more than four fifths of the population identifies with Roman Catholic. The Irish consider their religion beliefs to be a large part of who they are and their identity.
Next, sports make up a very important part of Irish culture. Gaelic football is the most popular sport of Ireland. The second most predominantly played sport is called Hurling. These traditional sports provide great spectacle for the players and the fans. Many of the schools in Ireland encourage athletics and provide intramurals for students to practice. Gaelic football and Hurling are not the only popular sports in Ireland, other sports that are common are, “soccer, rugby, boxing, golf, snooker, horse racing… ”.

Sports make up a major part of Irish society.
Moreover, Ireland is filled with many awe-inspiring natural wonders. Something that makes Ireland so distinctive, unique, and set apart from other nations are the beautiful, natural features. Because of this, many people tend to visit as tourists to experience the beauty of Ireland. “The Giant’s Causeway is one of Ireland’s most famous landmarks…”. The Giant’s Causeway is the fourth national wonder of the United Kingdom. Its natural beauty and mystery behind how it all became makes it so popular among tourists, many people find its unclear formation interesting and intriguing to visit and see. Another natural wonder is The Burren. The Burren, “consists of 116 square miles of naturally interlocking limestone slabs”. The Burren has a source and site of symbolism and settlement in Ireland. Natural wonders make Ireland so naturally beautiful and a popular tourist destination!

Lastly, Irish cuisine is founded upon the crops and animals farmed in its temperate climate. Worldwide Ireland is famously known for its’ large amounts of potato growth. Because of this, many Irish dishes are centered around potatoes. “Irish food is known for the quality and freshness of its ingredients ”. Many of the Irish dishes are based on the fresh crops that they grow in their country. Predominantly Irish cuisine does not include spices besides salt and pepper. One really well-known food is shellfish. “Shellfish abound in Irish cuisine…”. Another familiar dish is Irish Stew. It traditionally includes potatoes, carrots, and mutton- otherwise known as sheep’s meat. Irish dishes are some of the most comforting foods in the world, which is just one reason on why it is so popular all around the world. Cuisine makes up a large portion of Irish culture.
In conclusion, Ireland is a vast land full of many wonders, foods, and a variety of religions. Ireland is a unique and culturally diverse nation with many key factors that make it different from other nations. Ireland has endured economic hardships overtime but has a recouping economy. Finally, the island of Ireland has a rich historical past and values education, family, and political freedom.

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