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Educational Television

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This report is about the Educational television, its concepts, effect, limitations and basic procedures in using this as a strategy. This also includes its concept in the Philippine setting. Highlights:

* Educational Television or Learning show
* It is the use of television programs in teaching the students. * Concepts of ETV
ETV is advertised as televisions that people watch “on purpose” with intent on selecting program’s based on their educational content. It is a community effort, and its main motive is to form a public out of its viewers. * ETV in the Philippine setting

* 1960’s – ETV in the Philippines was born with channel 9’s “Education on TV”. * Fr. James B. Reuter, S.J. – produced the channel 9’s “Education on TV”. * Larkin – believes that ETV gives teachers more opportunities to help individuals. * Shramm – says that teacher is given the freedom to devote his time to more productive things. * ETV Program of the Department of Education Culture and Sports * A joint production with the Bureau of Broadcast of the former Ministry of Public Information that operated from 1971 to 1979. * “Aliwan ng mga bata” (Playtime)

* “Tayo’y Magpalakas” (Let’s exercise)
* Basic Procedures in the Use of TV as a Supplementary Enrichment
* For enrichment of the lesson with the use of TV, we have to do the following: * Prepare the classroom
* Pre-viewing Activities
* Viewing
* Post-viewing
* Go to the questions you raised at the pre-viewing stage.
* Tackle question raised by students at the initial stage of the post-viewing discussion. * Ask what the students learned.
* Summarize what was learned.
* Postscript The Effect of TV
* The effect of TV depends on how it is used.
* CRAIG A. ANDERSON – game testimony to the US Senate on March 21, 2000. “The media violence effect on aggression is bigger than the effect of exposure to lead on IQ scores in children,… High exposure to media violence is a major contributing cause of the high rate of violence in modern US society.” * Limitations of Film, video, and TV

* Television and film are one-way communication device consequently, they encourage passivity. Today, however, we talk about and work on interactive classrooms for effective learning. We are convinced that learning is an active process and so the learner must be actively engaged. * The small screen size puts television at a disadvantage when compared with the possible size of projected motion pictures. * Excessive TV viewing works against the development of the child’s ability to visualize and to be creative and imaginative, skills that are needed in problem solving. * There is much violence in TV. This is the irrefutable conclusion, “viewing violence increases violence”. (American Psychological Association Youth Commission) Insights:

* Educational Television plays an important role in providing knowledge to the students. It is one of the strategies that teachers use. A strategy that entertains and at the same time teaches the students a lesson. It is very much effective especially when it is appropriately used. (Camille Albutra)
* Educational Television is one way to motivate your students by showing some videos or movies related to the subject matter, to lessen their boredom inside the classroom. (Kimberly Bandong) * Educational Television helps to gained more information, knowledge and by showing some graphics, it broadens their critical thinking in some various ways. (Rosmary Paner) References:

A. Book:

* Educational Technology 1, Brenda B. Corpuz, Ph.D. and Paz I. Lucido, Ph.D., Lorimar Publishing, INC., 776 Aurora Blvd. cor. Boston Street, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, copyright 2008. B. Website:

* Educational television – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://www.google.com.ph/search?q=educational+television&aq=f&oq=educational+television&sugexp=chrome,mod=0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

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