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Development of a clean surrounding

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Cleanliness and tidiness is a part and parcel of every manā€™s well-being and in return of the surrounding. But these days these concepts of cleanliness and the charity of character of every human being are lost somewhere. Cleanliness is both the abstract state of being clean and free from dirt and the process of achieving and maintaining the state. Cleanliness may be endowed with a moral quality, as indicated by the aphorism cleanliness is next to godliness, and may be regarded as contributing to other ideals such as health and beauty. In emphasizing an ongoing procedure or set of habits for the purpose of maintenance and prevention, the concept of cleanliness differs from purity, which is a physical, moral, or ritual state of freedom from pollutants. Whereas purity is usually a quality of an individual or substance, cleanliness has a social dimension, or implies a system of interactions. Cleanliness is indispensable to our modern notion of social perfection. A household or workplace may be said to exhibit cleanliness, but not ordinarily purity; cleanliness also would be a characteristic of the people who maintain cleanness or prevent dirtying. INTRODUCTION

These days the so called concept and the idea of cleanliness are lost somewhere in the crowd of millions. All people assume cleanliness to just the cleanliness of the surrounding. But it is more or less important to have a clean heart. A human being who does not have a clean character cannot keep his surrounding clean as his character affects the surrounding in which he resides too. Further the part of tidiness comes from his home and the surrounding he faces in his daily life. The more cleanly every human keeps himself, the more cleanly he keeps the area where he imbibes knowledge. A particular college or institute where every man gains knowledge is a place where he considers that place to as nothing less than a holy place. So in turn it is responsibility of every human who comes there to gain knowledge to keep this Holy place clean. The purpose of this report is clearly to provide all sort of complains and reports that have got to do with cleanliness in the surrounding of the department of the place where we study. Let us now see every aspects of what is required for theĀ administration to look upon. Beginning right from the entrance to our department to the smallest places such as a restroom or the place where drinking water is provided. All that we mean to tell from this documentation is that we need people of higher grade to look upon this problem as a problem of their own concern, and take every possible positive action towards it.

To begin with, let me introduce me to Ranade Bhavan of our proud University. The campus of Ranade Bhavan is comprised of ā€˜Department of Germanā€™ and ā€˜Department of Sociologyā€™. The main source of dirtiness begins from the entrance of the Bhavan itself. Let us have a look at the entrance first.

The entrance of the department is despicably very disgusting for the person entering it for the first time. The entrance is huge but is not properly managed which certainly give an impression of the rest of the premise could be. The fact of the matter is that this issue should be fixed at the soonest as the possible candidates who seek admission also belong to universities across the globe. A few points which are completely disorganised are: 1. Unclean flooring, which is slippery and can cause any physical damage to pupil. 2. Disorganised plantation. The plantation in the entrance is not well managed and thus leads to growth of pests and rodents. 3. Scattered litter all over the flooring. The premise of the entrance itself is scattered over with litter which gives a negative impression for almost everyone who enters the department. Also there are a few suggestions that we would like to express: 1. Cleaning of the flooring in order to avoid creation of algal decomposition on the flooring. 2. Need of a supervisor to supervise the work done by the cleaning staff. 3. Timely and regular sweep to the main entrance lobby of the building. 4. Well-trimmed plants to make the place look pretty and not shabby. THE DEPARTMENTAL ENTRANCE

The department entrance seems very shabby and is not eye-catching. The entrance lobby is full of dirt made by resident birds and hence is also the entrance stairs. The dustbin fixed at the spot is too less as compared to the requirement of the lobby. It is very often seen overflowing with garbageĀ and litter. The colour to the walls of the entrance is eroded and seems very unpleasant, besides there is also a lot of litter around in the lobby. It is hence strongly recommendable to make it sure that the walls are painted properly and the corridor area needs to be renovated with proper seats to accommodate people who are meant to wait outside the departmental office. Further there is also a requirement for a cleaning staff and a proper garbage disposal bins in order to avoid the dirt on the entrance flooring.

The posters stuck on the walls are outdated and are needed a different notification board in order to enhance the get up of the department. The posters degrade the quality and the importance of the event eventually when they are seen somewhere stuck on the walls and not on the notification board.

The lecture room corridor is our next matter to discuss, but before we do that, let us first have a look at the outlook of the corridor.

The corridor in the departmental entrance is the most untidy part of the department which makes a very ugly impression to the fresher, entering the department in the first place. There are also a few things which we would like to discuss with you. Let us see them one-by-one. 1) The dirt and litter is never cleaned timely before lectures. 2) The janitor meant to clean the lecture room cleans the room and leaves the rest of the garbage the mercy of another sweeper to collect the garbage from the entrance of the room. 3) This waste invites many other scavengers and hence also develops a frightful scenario. 4) It is enough clear from the pictures which we have provided, that the corridor is more often seen full of dirt and garbage and hence does not suit the well-being of pupils and the staff visiting there. There are a few suggestions we would like to make to you. Let us see all of them one-by-one 1) Cleaning of the rooms is much required for the time before lectures commence. 2) There is an urgency of a person to sweep off the garbage and dirt from the entrance of the room as soon as the other janitor cleans the rooms. 3) Eventually as the corridor gets cleaned up, there would be possibly no scavengers seen and hence will also develop a sense of cleanliness for everyone who enters the department. 4) Sooner orĀ later the staff and students will also develop a sense of responsibility towards the departmental cleanliness and will also help in excelling the standards of teaching imparted here.

Let us now miscellaneously see every aspect of hygiene problems faced by staff and students in the vicinity of the department. To start with, let us peep into the aspects of litter/dustbins.

The litter bins are pretty insufficient to serve the purpose of gathering garbage and litter hence cleaning the surrounding off from garbage. The bins provided are so small that they are not in a state to accommodate garbage and other waste. They are hence often seen overflowing from the brim. It is thus much suggestible that the quantity of bins in each area should be sufficient and the size provided should also be enough to accommodate enough of waste material. Moreover it is also spotted that the area surrounding the bins is full of sputum. This not only creates a feeling of unhygienic environment, but also leads to growth in germs and other parasitic activity.

It is thus recommendable that the area surrounding the buns should be clean and it is also mandatory to keep a record that there is no further spoil to the walls due to sputum. The next area of our interest to tell you is regarding the area where drinking water. The area near the coolers where the staff and students go to fill up their water bottles is absolutely unclean and very unhygienic in terms of health advice. Let us first have a look at the cooler area.

The area surrounding the cooler is never kept clean and hence is a much disorganised thing for every one of us to see. It is clearly seen from the picture that the area surrounding the cooler never is kept clean. Every person who enters the campus might need drinking water. And hence it the responsibility of the administrative staff to keep these areas sterile and free from any kind of unhygienic content. However it is not the thing that we get to see here. It is always a statutory warning in every field to keep these areas clean.

It becomes of utmost importance to us to inform the governing body to keep a heed to the surrounding of the cooler area to be kept clean. It is also a humble request to keep an eye over the dates when the coolers are previously cleaned. Saturation of water causes infestation of pests, mosquito eggs etc. These things are enough to make anyone weak and critically ill. Hence in accordance to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION rule, we would like you to personally look into this matter and take some quick and positive action to safeguard the health of staff, students and visitors too. Besides there is also unnecessary gathering of dogs and other animals in the drinking area, this is much threatening to the health of everyone seeking the drinking water from the cooler. We therefore request you to kindly pay heed to our problems at the soonest.

The next thing which would like to tell you is regarding the electrical safety issues of the department. Let us first have a look at the area of issue.

The electrical safety is also a part of the matter of worry for every one of us. The electrical wirings as long as are kept in open are hazardous and can cause disastrous results if are persisted in open. Although the electrical wires are insulated with plastic, yet they are extremely dangerous to have left open in public. Even a single short circuit can be fatal and can also lead to a massive disaster in the department.

It thus of prime importance to look after the safety of everyone who visits the department. We would like to suggest you that these areas should be properly concealed and should be also kept out of reach of other staff and students. This can ensure a sense of security amongst everyone who visits the department. It also very much mandatory to take a strong action towards concealing these electrical circuits in order to avoid any harm to life. The more early these jobs are done, the earlier is everyone ensured of their safety in the departmental premise.

Let us now see the aspect of unclean restroom. The restroom or commonly known as the washroom is the most important part of personal hygiene and so far ofĀ prime importance as the hygiene is concerned. Let us first have a look at the area of issue.

This area of issue includes unhygienic conditions in the restrooms. The restrooms are generally kept very unclean. Any passer-by is easily annoyed by the foul odour from the restroom. It is honestly a far question about the pathetic odour from the restrooms itself. The janitor staffs donā€™t seem to be timely cleaning the restrooms. The restrooms are cleaned once in a day, and hence is the cause for the unclean situation. There is absence of toilet paper and toilet soap in the restrooms and hence does cause inconvenience to many people who visit the restroom. The governing body is hence required to pay some substantial attention towards cleaning the restrooms in the first place. Also it is of utmost necessity that toilet papers and other sanitary material is provided in restrooms. We would also like to put it to your notice that these areas are to be emphasized in the first place avoid inconvenience for all and also avert the possibilities of any viral infection to anyone who visits the restroom. These areas of issues are keenly to cause harm to life and is thus of prime importance to be paid heed to. REQUISITE

The requirement list though seems to be very huge but is of utmost importance to be paid heed to. The requisite list is entirely based on the survey done by correspondents who have personally assessed the areas of issues. The list of suggestions and requests are already as described in the literature provided above. We therefore assume that our survey and the work we have done is properly paid a heed to and is not turned a deaf ear to. To conclude the report, we may sum to the entire departmental survey and the problems face by students and staff in day-to-day schedule.

This report, unlike many other reports is of direct importance to human safety, cleanliness and health. Through publishing this document, we are willing to share our part of inconvenience which we face in our daily life. We empower all our trust in your abilities to ensure that we stay safe as long as we are in the campus of the department. We are thankful to theĀ teaching as well as non-teaching staff for their co-operation towards making of this report. Many students have surveyed through various aspects of the matter and have hence served well towards fructifying the loads of problems faced by everyone in the departmental campus. We are also thankful to the students from various departments for helping us out with their personal interviews and sharing their time with us for making this report as a whole. The photo courtesy belongs to Mrs. Surekha Karode, who is also our project head. The lady plays a very important role in providing us all the sufficient data, due to which we could make a complete overview of the report. Last but not the least, we are thankful to The University of Mumbai, for letting us share our views about the regional cleanliness issues through our Fundamental Course literature. It is indeed an indebting thing to have worked with such a co-ordinating bunch of colleagues and staff.

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