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The three businesses that I have chosen are Marks and Spencer’s, BBC and Easy jet. I will be talking about why each organisation has a website and how their online presence helps them achieve their business goals.

The online business is growing for years so Marks and Spencer’s have adopted the online marketing plan to their advantage and are equally as active as there are on the sales floor. Marks and Spencer’s is a growing business that keeps developing higher standards for their customers so it’s important for them to improve their online services. Marks and Spencer’s has doubled their sales since the website launch a decade ago. One of their aims is to make a certain amount of profit so they are achieving this by the online websites and the sales that they make. Marks and Spencer’s are improving their websites all the time and also they are trying to update their page regularly. Their website layout and elegant colours make the page look more welcoming to the customers and their aim is also to keep the customers coming and buying regularly from their website.

The BBC is one of the biggest television and public serving television station in the world. This website is a non commercial website because it doesn’t sell any products to the general public and instead gives valuable information such as the weather, news, sports news or educational information such as helping with studies like the BBC bite size website. The website might not be filled with bright colours or doesn’t look very nice but it is mostly used for the news or public information that it displays. BBCs aims might be a bit different to other commercial organisations because the BBCs is not focusing much on making profit through their website they are more focused and the quality and accuracy of their information. My research suggests that the BBCs biggest aim interims of the online audience is to make their company known worldwide and make it popular among society.

Easy jet is a British airline carrier based at London Luton Airport. It is the largest airline of the United Kingdom, measured by number of passengers. Easy jets aim is to make more profit than they rivals British Airways or Rynair.

The website that I am going to evaluate is marks and Spencer’s and I will be concluding if their website is as good as its competitors. Marks and Spencer’s main objective is to provide good service to their customers and to make their organisation a better place and Increase Profits. Also their aim is to be open 150 new stores overseas. Marks and Spencer’s have set their selves high standards because their feel it’s a way of improving and growing ahead of their rivals. Talking about marks and Spencer’s visual designee there can be said that the business has chosen colours and text to suit the target audience however it can also be said that marks and Spencer’s are aiming more at the older generation. Marks and Spencer’s target audience is from very young to very old this is benefits and disadvantages. The benefit is that everyone can shop at their store and the disadvantage is that there might not be much variety in their clothes. Personally it depends on the person and its interest if he wants to shop in the store because the business does not have all kinds of fashion customers that are slightly older prefer shopping at marks and Spencer’s.

The usability features on their website are simple and they include search bars and site maps and also have a basket which most business retail websites have to store the item that you want to buy and carry on shopping. Marks and Spencer’s have different features that can help customers to satisfy their need that is a good job done by the technical department of marks and Spencer’s to feature all the services on the website. Website design is great because it gives the buyer an option on what kind of clothes the customer’s wants. The navigation bat is a classic and lets you select options like woman, Man and kids so customers can go ahead and select the correct target audience. These on my opinion meet the requirements of customers. For the advertising banner they have used a none animation picture that represents the woman’s wear and what’s new in stock. The colours are well suited to the website to give it warm welcoming fell.

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