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Defining What We Mean by the Extremism, Terrorism & Radicalisation

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A person who holds extreme political or religious views, especially one who advocates illegal, violent, or other extreme action.

There are many different types of extremist ideologies around. Some more common ones include:

  • Neo-Nazism
  • Islamophobia
  • Antisemitism
  • Islamic extremism

People who have these ideologies may become directly involved in violent acts or plots. They might also be indirectly involved (for example recruiting more members to their group, or facilitating others to commit violent acts e.g. Providing them a place to plan terrorist activities). Extremism and terrorism can often be associated with Islamic extremists, but it is important to remember that whilst they exist, anyone could potentially hold extremist ideologies, or commit extremist attacks. For example, The murder of Dr Akram in a supermarket in Wales was committed as ‘revenge for Lee Rigby’ by a far-right extremist. This too is an example of terrorism.

The word “radical” refers to the changing of the fundamental nature of something. A “radical” person is someone who “advocates thorough or complete political or social reform; a member of a political party or part of a party pursuing such aims”. Radicalisation refers to the process where someone becomes a radical.

Terrorism is a threat that does not recognise borders and may affect states and peoples irrespective of their geographical location. EU States and citizens are not an exception. Individuals and groups who believe that they can advance their political aims by using terror pose a serious threat to the democratic values of our societies and to the rights and freedoms of our citizens, especially by indiscriminately targeting innocent people. Acts of terrorism are criminal and unjustifiable, and must be treated as such under all circumstances.

What Causes Radicalisation?

Simply put, there is no single driving factor behind radicalization. Just as there are many factors to explain why people join gangs, there are also many factors that motivate people to join terrorist groups. It is estimated that nearly 30,000 individuals from more than 85 countries traveled to join extremist groups, such as ISIS. Those from the United States number around 250. It is often suggested that religion is the leading factor behind radicalization. The reality is very different. Even though extremist interpretations of religion are used to appeal to individuals susceptible to this type of brainwashing, this usually happens after the fact. Religion provides a sense of identity and belonging to vulnerable individuals seeking meaning in their lives. For some, it lifts them from a life of underachievement, marginalization, criminality, or simply the mundane.

Extremists use this to their advantage by attempting to recast such individuals as heroes and champions working for a noble cause. While it is comforting to think of those willing to engage in acts of violence as religious fanatics, nihilists, or even mentally ill, such explanations fall short. Most experts agree that there are many factors that play a role in radicalization. For some, it might include questions about their identity and sense of belonging. For others, the motivation might be economic in nature. For still others, it may be a grievance or even revenge. Extremist groups seek out individuals who are feeling alienated, socioeconomically marginalized, and/or politically disenfranchised.

If their target has also experienced discrimination or faced perceived Islamophobia, it likely further enhances their sense of alienation. It is here that the grand narrative of extremist groups finds fertile ground. Just because such context and circumstances may occur, however, doesn’t necessarily mean an individual will become a de facto extremist. But it is the combination of such factors that creates opportunities for extremists to easily exploit and prey upon the vulnerabilities of susceptible individuals. The communal, cross-border nature of extremist appeals provides a crucial sense of belonging to those vulnerable to radicalization. While Western media focuses almost exclusively on ISIS’s violent messages, the majority of their propaganda promotes a “utopian” caliphate. This offers those susceptible to radicalization a contrasting vision to what they feel is not afforded them in the West – namely a sense of belonging in a strong society with economic prosperity and political inclusion. If we are to counter such propaganda, we must offer our own hopeful and promising narrative. We must direct individuals susceptible to extremist propaganda toward positive, healthy options for their future.

How Does Radicalisation Happen?

There are many different theories and models describing how radicalisation happens. What is important to know is that there is no one single process in which someone becomes radicalised, and it is dependent on a number of different circumstances:

  • Online — extremist groups often try to recruit new young members online through the use of social media
  • Peers- some young people become radicalised because of the people that they are associating with
  • Family- some young people might be exposed to extremist views at home
  • TV and media- young people might watch the news and form an opinion of what is fair or unfair

Islamic Preaching and Radicalisation

Islamic preaching and radicalization is fast becoming one of the impending danger for the free world- for peace loving citizens it is a menace, the various vested quarter are motivating and preaching – brainwahing with their ill conceived islamic religious ideology to the unsuspecting Muslim youngsters,ladies,older generations and trying to appeal to the rest of the world. Which they are later on using to persue their dreams by indoctrinationg these innocent people to turn them inro terroriata, suicide bombers, islamic extremists. Our quest is to help people understand these pepople’s idelogoy and make everyone aware of these manicas groups and their intentions & help them keep away from this concocted ideology.We would like to let the world know that, These microscopic fundamentalist minority is allowed to use the name of Islam to fulfil their agenda.

What Is Terrorism?

Terrorism is That aspect of human nature which is childish and which starts throwing tantrums when it does not get what it wants There is one more side of human nature and that is the desire to dominate and control So the countries with dominant dominating nature are making use of the countries with dominant Childish nature For their own personal gain the dominating countries are helping the childish countries in destroying the world So that ultimately the dominating country can rule the world, but then again. I think they are forgetting the inherent human Nature’s You know I think the religion was initially created to keep the bad human nature in check But human nature is clever. It found a way and molded the religion as per its own convenience So whatever the things we are following from the past. They are the adulterated versions So now the question is like human nature destroyed everything else will it cause its own destruction ?

They say man is the most dangerous animal of all and it’s 100% true Man has the power to destroy everything on Earth But what’s that thing that makes humankind so dangerous the answer is quite simple? it’s the human nature now human Nature comprises of various emotions like happiness Jealousy Fear Greed and Human Nature Transcends any religion race Country status we see people praying But how many of them are actually praying we see people studying, but how many of them are actually studying? We see people getting married taking vows to stay together forever But how many of them actually do that we tend to generalize things as black or white?

But it’s not that simple there is a whole area of grey in between where this human nature fits in now there are some people who believe that their religion is the best and that the whole world should follow their religion and then everybody will live happily ever after But do you know what happens in a family of four people where they are related by blood they form groups and We all know what happens in a large family We’re real brothers fight over property and stuff so imagine billions and trillions of people having the same Religion will they live in harmony forever without dividing in groups? Now coming to the main question.

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